Wiltrud's Paintings

Wiltrud Betzler-Schellin was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1949. She studied at the University of her hometown and after having finished her studies she became a teacher.

After bringing up her children she finally picked up her ambitions to paint pictures.

Together with children of her school, Wiltrud worked on a Land Art Project, collecting things like leaves, stones, wood, and shaping them to something new.

Signs are the result of strolling in the woods. Oilpastels were used to draw at the trees.


Wiltrud Betzler-Schellin

The paintings of Wiltrud Betzler-Schellin represent her strong feeling for the nature of plants, flowers, trees, animals and human beings. Flowers are transporting positive feelings, they are colorful and beautiful, the trees are strong elements of the earth, and the human beings are living between heaven and earth, walking, breaking down but continuing living to the end, facing all that life has to give.

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Goldene Linie

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