blind Willie McTell (1)


basic information

release date 2021 Aug, 20
country of manufacture U.S.
label Third Man Records
catalog no. TMR-740
format Vinyl 7“
note of registration P & ©2021 Columbia Records
recording engineered by Josh Abbey, Neil Dorfsman, and Frank Dickinson at Power Station, New York City, NY
mixing by Mark Wilder, Steve Addabbo, and Chris Shaw
mastering by Mark Wilder, Steve Addabbo, and Chris Shaw
production Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler
credits n/a


Bob Dylan piano, harmonica, vocals
Mick Taylor guitar
Alan Clark 5) keyboards
Robbie Shakespeare bass
Sly Dunbar drums


A blind Willie McTell [infidels - outake - take 1 April 11, 1983] [4:40] 1)


1) Unreleased track for album INFIDELS

Tracks produced for the album INFIDELS.

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