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release date 2015 June, 17
country of manufacture Japan
label Concord Records
catalog no. UCCO-1157
format CD
note of registration P2015 James Taylor ©2015 Sony Music Entertainment
recording by Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics (The Tracking Room), Nashville, TN, 1999 oberdubs at Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN
mixing by Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics (The Tracking Room)
mastering by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
production Mark Knopfler and Chuck Ainlay
credits Thank you: Jonathan Bays, Tracy Bufferd, Sandeep Das... and the etire team at Concord Music Group


James Taylor vocals, acoustic guitar
Richard Bennett bouzouki
Jim Cox piano
Guy Fletcher keyboards
Glenn Worf bass
Chad Cromwell drums


11 pretty boy Floyd [5:10]



pretty boy Floyd
(Woody Guthrie)

Gather round me people, and my story I will tell
About pretty boy Floyd an outlaw, Oklahoma knew him well
It was in the town of Shawnee on a Saturday afternoon
And his wife beside him in a buggy as into town he rode

Deputy sheriff approached him in a manner rather rude
Using vulgar words of language which Miss Floyd overheard
So pretty boy grabbed a log chain and the deputy drew a gun
And in the fight that followed he laid that deputy down

He fled to the hills and woodlands just in live a life of shame
Every crime in Oklahoma it was added to his name
He fled to the hills and woodlands of the Canadian river shore
But the outlaw found a welcome at many a poor farmers door

Yes and many a starving farmer the same old story told
How an outlaw paid their mortgage and saved their little home
Others tell you about a stranger come begging for the meal
And underneath a napkin left a thousand dollar bill

It was in Oklahoma city on a rainy Christmas day
Come a boxcar loaded with groceries and a letter that did say
"The tell me that I'm an outlaw and they hear that I'm a thief
Well now here's a Christmas dinner for the families on relief"

As through life I've travelled and seen lots of funny men
Some will rob you with a six gun, and some with a fountain pen
As through your life you ramble, lord and as through life you roam
You won't never see an outlaw drive a family from their home

(That be more like a bank)

Bug Music obo by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. (BMI)


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