Born: July 23, 1943
Died: October 24, 2018
Genre: Swamp Rock

basic information

release date 2006 Sept, 8
country of manufacture Holland
label Munich Records / Swamp Records
catalog no. MRCD 279
format CD
note of registration © + P2006 Swamp Records LLC.
recording Church St. Studios. Franklin. Chad Hailey at Masterdisk Studio, Nashville
mixing n/a
mastering Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering, Nashville
production Tony Joe White, Jody White
credits I want to thank all the musicians in this music who played with their hearts and stayed up late with me in the old studio, and made sure we had it before anyone went home.
And to Leann, for her writing and listening to the cuts and mixes and the encouragement when a song hit her right.

The five men, Mark, J.J., Eric, Waylon, Michael., in these songs; I have looked up to and loved their music for so long and never dreamed we would all be on the same album at one time.

Special thanks to Jody, my son, producer and manager. He had this idea a few years back and I said, "J.D. if you can pull this offf it will be the all-time thing." I never thought all of them would cut these songs with me but they put their souls into it and would sometimes play and sing extra tracks so we could have a choise. The thing is, any one of their takes would have done it! Jody not only put us all together but he stayed in the trenches with horns, cellos, voices and mixes, and proved to us all, he had the ear and I could just relax and stay out of the way.

Thank you Chad, the mix master, for treating each song like it was "the only one". And to Rob, thank you for the delicate techno-swamp work. Thank you Kris, "The Multi Master" for sticking with us.

Thanks to Jim Marshall for suffering through the woods, huntiung the elusive photo!

So, to "The Keepers of the Fire", who sang and played with me in this music: If you ever need a little Swamp guitar or Harmonica on something: You know where I am!

Tony Joe White
Early Summer '06


Tony Joe White lead vocals, guitar, whomper stomper, swamp box
Jeff Hale drums percussion
Robby Turner bass, pedal steel
Garson Whitsett B3 organ, wurlitzer, piano
Mark Knopfler vocal, guitar


2 not one bad thought (5:35)



not one bad thought
(Tony Joe White)

It was pretty this morning
I put some flowers in the ground
The sun was shining this morning
I planted flowers all around

Got my business out of the way
And all I want today
Is not one bad thought
Not one bad thought

I got a mockingbird
He sings his song out on the breeze
Sometimes he sits up on my chimney
Then he take it out to the trees

He must have been hearing my guitar
I believe he does it better than me
He don’t have not one bad thought
Not one bad thought

My momma was Cherokee
Spent her life on a river farm
She had seven kids and let us know
There was plenty of room in her arms

She would start the day
With a smile on here face
And not one bad thought
Not one bad thought

Wampus Cat Publishing (BMI) administered: BUG Music ©2006



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CDs not one bad thought with track 2. radio edit (3:48)


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