these wilder things


Born: December 28, 1975
Genre: Folk Music

Member of: The Wailin' Jennys

basic information

release date 2013 Apr, 23
country of manufacture Canada
label True North
catalog no. TND577
format CD
note of registration P & ©2013 Ruth Moody
recording ..., Joe Kearns at British Grove Studios, London, England, ...
mixing David Travers-Smith at Found Sound, Toronto, ON
mastering David Travers-Smith at Found Sound, Toronto, ON
production David Travers-Smith
credits Huge thanks to:
My belowed family, the musicians who shared their talents so generously, The Ruth Moody Band (Adam Dobres, Adrian Dolan, and Sam Howard), The Wailin' Jennys (Nicky Mehta and Heather Masse), Tracy Davis, Rob Krause; Geoff Kulawick and everyone at True North Records; Eric Peltoniemie, Luke Welsh, Ellen Stanley, Brandon Henry and everyone at Red House Records; FACTOR, Manitoba Music, Manitoba Film and Music, The Canada Council for the Arts, The SOCAN Foundation, Art Turner, Mike Costello, Jud Haynes, Herschel Freeman, Julien Paquin, Todd Jordan, Bob Patterson, Andy Peters, Lyn Stienstra, Ben Whiteley, Suzie Ungerleider, Cam Giroux, Elspeth Dobres, Heather Doyle, Amelia Curran, Natascha Lekes, Heather Kaye, Jeremy Penner, JP Hoe, Rose Cousins, Billy and Dodee Crockett, Brian and Lindsay O'Donovan, Mark Knopfler, Rebecca Kemp, Andrew Collins, Danny Greenspoon, Jeremy Darby, Donald Shaw, Matt the Electrician, Sean McManus, Rachel Stone, Leonard Podolak, Oliver Swain, Lloyd Peterson, Mike Morgan, John Coate, Matt Smith, Jess Byers, Carrie Elkin, Danny Schmidt, Justin Haynes, Jean Martin, Daryl Perry, Steve McCreary and Dave Lovos at Collings Guitars, Tanya Ogsbury at Ome Banjos, John Pearse Strings, LR Baggs, Dave Miller at Airfield, John Jennings at Royer Microphones, Dave Dysart at HHB Canada/Universal Audio, and Dave Morrison at Isoacoustics.

My eternal gratitude to David Travers-Smith for his unwavering dedication and his incomparable skill. I am, as I have always been, in awe.


Ruth Moody vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele , piano, rhodes
Adam Dobres acoustic guitar
Adrian Dolan mandolin
Sam Howard upright bass
Christian Dugas drums
Kevin Breit electric guitar
Mark Knopfler electric guitar and vocals


6 pockets (4:58)



(Ruth Moody)

We liveded each other's pockets
We lived in each other's seams
We lived in the hope that someday
We would see our love redeemed

We took all the roads less travelled
We took the roads most would avoid
We could make each other feel so empty
Then we were there to fill th void

And my heart belonged
And my heart belonged
To all of you

We liveded each other's futures
We lived in each other's dreams
We spoke of the future less and less
'Til dream was all it seemed

And my heart belonged
And my heart belonged
To all of you

Oh but we dreamed, we would have died back then
We were young and we believed
As brothers will for brothers
And captains know they cannot leave
But soon the curtain it came down on us
Blame was laid and questions raised
And so like leaves we were all scattered
But in our hearts is never changed

We liveded each other's pockets
With the shadows and the shame
We held on for fear of losing love
Just as quickly as it came

And my heart belonged
And my heart belonged
And my heart belonged
To all of you

©2013 SOCAN


Mike McGoldrick - low whistle and John McCusker - fiddle (track 9).

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