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Birth Name: James William Buffett
Born: December 25, 1946
Genres: Country, Pop, Rock (Soft Rock, Tropical Rock), Gulf and Western, Beach

basic information

release date 2007 Mar, 16
country of manufacture [U.S.A.]
label Mailboad Records
catalog no. MBD 2118
format CD
note of registration P + ©2006 Mailboat Records, Inc.
recording Alan Schulman, Chris Stone
mixing LaLaLand, Muscle Shoals by Alan Schulman & Chris Stone. British Grove Studio, London by David Stewart
mastering Jim Demain at Yes Master, Nashville, TN assisted by Alex McCollough
production Michael Utley, Mac McAnally
credits Special thanks: Mark Knopfler, the Gomez Boys, Savannah Jane Buffet, Sunshine Smith, Howard Kaufman, John Cohlan, Lynda Lou Bouch, Gelfant Rennert & Feldman, Ilga Berzins, Trevor Robinson, Cindy Thompson, Erin McAnally, Kathryn Pechenik at Pro Travel, Kevin Boucher, Ray Masiero, the staff at Margaritaville Café, BO‘s Fishwagon, Pepe‘s and Virgillo‘s.


Jimmy Buffett n/a
Mark Knopfler guitar
Michael Utley 1) keyboards
Robert Greenidge 1) steel drums, timbales
Ralph MacDonald1) percussion
Jim Mayer 1) bass, vocals
Peter Mayer 1) guitar, vocals
Roger Guth 1) drums
Mac McAnally 1) guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Lovell 1) trumpet
Doyle Grisham 1) pedal steel guitar
Nadirah Shakoor 1) vocals
Tina Gullickson 1) vocals
Glenn Worf 1) 5) bass
Bill Payne 1) keyboards
Sonny Landreth 1) 5) guitar
Will Kimbrough 1) guitar
Jake Shimabukuro 1) ukelele
Greg ‚Fingers‘ Taylor 1) harmonica
Ernie Ranglin 1) guitar

tracks [CD]

5 whoop de doo [3:41] 6)


1) Which musicians play this track is not clear from the accompanying material of the medium.

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release date: 02.10.2015 • country of manufacture: USA • label: Mailboad Records • catalog no.: MNBV 2118 • format: 2 LP • note of registration: P + ©2006 Mailboat Records, Inc.



additional album with Jimmy B.: songs from St. Somewhere

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