sweet defeat


Birth Name: Jonathon Allen
Born: May 12, 1977
Genre: Folk Rock

basic information

release date 2012 Apr, 10
country of manufacture [U.S.A.?]
label OK! Good Records
catalog no. OK 90118-2 [CD]
format CD³, LP
note of registration P 2010 Monologue Records © 2012 OK! Good Records
recording by Tristan Longworth additional engineering Sam Okell
mixing n/a
mastering n/a
production Tristan Longworth


Jon Allen [vocals, acoustic guitar]
Mark Knopfler [acoustic guitar, backing vocals]

tracks [CD]

13 Sarah [3:23] 1) 2)


with 2 additional tracks

1) Which additional musicians play in this song is not clear from the accompanying material of the file.
2) Bonustrack
3) source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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when the morning comes          

with 2 and 4 tracks


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