stomping ground


Birth Name: Dion Frances DiMucci
Born: July 18, 1939
Genres: Pop, Rock, R&B

Member of: Dion & The Belmonts, Dion & The Timberlanes, Dion & The Wanderers, The Streetheart Band

basic information

release date 2021 Nov, 19 [CD]; 2022 Feb, 11 [LP]
country of manufacture [U.S.]
label KTBA Records
catalog no. KTBA92282 [CD], KTBA92281 [LP]
format CD, 2 LP
note of registration P & © 2021 Keeping the Blues alive Records
recording [by Guy Fletcher at British Groove, London, for MK guitar]
mixing by Wayne Hood
mastering by Adam Ayan at Gateway Studios - Portland, ME
production Wayne Hood & Dion DiMucci
credits ...


Dion DiMucci vocals, guitar ?
Mark Knopfler [electric guitar]
Wayne Hood guitar ?, bass, wurlitzer electric piano, hammond organ ?, drums

tracks [CD]

3 dancing girl [4:12]



dancing girl
(Dion Dimucci & Mike Aquilina)

The room was dark, but I could see her there
Her face was lost inside her flowing hair
She was my dancing girl
She was a dancing girl

She danced alone
She was a dancing girl

She took the music with her sweet sashay
The only smile inside a sad café was all that I can see
She was a mystery

Oh, she danced alone
She was a dancing girl

She moved so easy and so unafraid
And every song that they played was like a serenade
Her serenade, her escapade
Oh, I drank courage and I watched the sway
I chose a tune to make the jukebox play
It had to be just right, it had to last the night

Yeah, she danced alone
She was a dancing girl

And if I knew it, I could call her name
We’d light the night up like a silver flame
I had to make her see, she belonged to me
I took her hand then she took me on
The conga rhythm then we danced till dawn

Me and my dancing girl
She was my dancing girl
All through the night, she was my dancing girl

(Bronx Soul Music INC. (ASCAP)


taken from the booklet:

photography Mark Knopfler © by Joby Sessions

Mark Knopfler, I knew, is the one guitarist on earth who could appreciate my "dancing girl". When I write a song, I hear the guitar that should be at its heart. When I wrote this one, I heard thast beauitiful, flowing, sublime, melodie play that my wife and I love about Dire Straits. Mark is also a producer's producer and came back at me with strong ideas about the form and structure of the song. I was happy to follow the lead of a genius like him.


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