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Birth Name: Chester Burton Atkins
Born: June 20, 1924
Died: June 30, 2001
Genres: Classicial, Country, Folk, Jazz

basic information

release date 1985 Feb
country of manufacture Austria [CD], USA [Cass., LP]
label CBS [Cass.], Columbia [CD]
catalog no. FCT 39591 [Cass.], 473914 2 [CD], FC 39591 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration ©1985 CBS Inc. P1985 CBS Inc. [Cass.], P1985 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. ©1985 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. [CD]
recording Larry Carlton Studios, L.A.; CA Workshop, Nashville, TN; Sound Shop Studios, Nashville, TN [1984 Sept]
mixing n/a
mastering Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, L.A.
production David Hungate
credits n/a


Chet Atkins21) guitars
Brent Lason guitars
Mark Knopfler guitars
Clayton Ivey rhodes
Shane Keister synthesizer
Mark Hammond drums
Paulinho de Costa percussion
David Hungate bass
Mark O‘Connor fiddle, occasionall violin
Paul Yandell banjo
Larrie Londin drums

tracks [CD]

5 some leather and lace (3:56) 41)
7 cosmic square dance (4:14) 42)


3) source Golden Guide [A]
41) written by C. Atkins, P. Yandell
42) written by C. Atkins, P. Yandell, M. Knopfler

Taken from the booklet:

I'd have been happy to hang around and learn guitar from Chet for the next five years.

Mark Knopfler


also availaible

Urban Oasis - stay tuned

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration




CBS / Sony

32DP 474

(P)1985 CBS Inc. (C)1986 CBS Sony Inc.
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  • singles
  • compilations
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    New Zealand edition:
    label: CBS • catalog no.: PC 8076 • note of registration: ℗ 1985 CBS Inc.

    Taiwanese edition:
    label: Himalaya/CBS • catalog no.: ??? 6459 • note of registration: ?

    look at:
    basic information

    ? edition:
    label: CBS • catalog no.: 40-26265 • note of registration: ?

Track cosmic square dance also available on

Chet picks on the grammys

release date: 2002 Feb, 12
country of manufacture: Austria
label: Columbia
catalog no.: 507660 2
format: CD³
note of registration: (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.; ... BMG Entertainment + (P) ... BMG Entertainment; 1985, ..., 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

8 cosmic square dance (4:14)

This compilations and the essential Chet Atkins : the Columbia years [2004] additionally comprises the track(s) 'so soft, your goodbye' and 'poor boy blues' from the album(s): 'Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler: neck and neck'.


additional albums with Chet A...: Chet Atkins, read my licks, sails

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