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Birth Name: James William Buffett
Born: December 25, 1946
Genres: Country, Pop, Rock (Soft Rock, Tropical Rock), Gulf and Western, Beach

basic information

release date 2013 Aug, 20 2013 Oct, 15
country of manufacture USA  
label Mailboad Records  
catalog no. MBD 2150 MBV 2151
format CD 2 LP³
note of registration P + ©2013 Mailboat Records, Inc.  
recording ...; British Grove Studios, London, England, engineered by Rich Cooper; ...  
mixing Alan Schulman & Chris Stone  
mastering Jim DeMain at Yes Master, Nashville, TN  
production Michael Utley & Mac McAnally  
credits special thanks:
Lulu Buffett, Kermit's Key Lime, A-440 Piano Tuning,, B.O.'s Fish Wagon, Kathryn Pechenik at Pro Travel, Coleman Sissen and Bubble Up, Jared Sancrainte, Jose Maldonado, Emilo and Gloria Estefan, David and Jane Matthews, David Stewart, Paul Crockford, Dave Hill at Audio Technics, Wes Dooley at AEA, Matt at McPherson Guitars for the amazing 12 string, Jim Triggs at Triggs Guitar, GoPro Camera, Howard Kaufman, Lynda Lou Bouch, Harold Sulman, Rick Mozenter, Ilga Berzins, Trevor Robinson, Gretty Hasson


Jimmy Buffett vocals, guitar
Mark Knopfler ?
? ?

tracks [CD]

9 rue de la guitare [3:23] 1)
15 oldest surfer on the beach [4:17] 1) 6)


  • 9. rue de la guitare
  • 15. oldest surfer on the beach

rue de la guitare
(Jimmy Buffett)

A Sunday off in Gay Paree
I was bound for the sacred street
God’s the draw up on Montmartre
But not Rue de la Guitare
Ne pas Rue de la Guitare

Like melodies that never fade
B-girls perform their masquerades
Pigale is still a strange bazaar
Down on Rue de la Guitare
Rue de la Guitare

Windows filled with long lost dreams
Unfinished songs on rusty strings
From Nazareth across the sea
She’d somehow caught up with me
Her fait accompli

I read the wood and felt the scars
They spoke of nights in smoky bars
How many songs, how many beers
Had caused her journey here

A toast to those who love to hear
A D-18 played Lightfoot clear
Music still lives in the shops and bars
Along Rue de la Guitare
Rue de la Guitare

Now over her, people say
“comment ca va, Monsieur Buffett
Un verre de vin, une chanson a jouer”
Vive Rue de la Guitare

© 2013 Coral Reefer Music (BMI)

oldest surfer on the beach
(Mark Knopfler)

The sun’s dropping out of his picture
Soon be time to move
Hasn’t been a real big day
But I don’t have a thing to prove
I’ve still got the old Noseider
I still surf old style
I’ll go on out beyond the breakers
Sit alone and rest awhile

There’s nothing that I won’t to do
No place I’m trying to reach
Only time is now more precious to
The oldest surfer on the beach
The oldest surfer on the beach

I stopped searching for perfection
Many waves ago
What really matters is the hear and now
And that's about all I know
Gonna catch me a big ‘ole roller
Sun settin’ on the sea
Ride it in on her glassy shoulder
The water going gray like me

There’s nothing that I won’t do
No place I’m trying to reach
Only time is now more precious to
The oldest surfer on the beach
Oldest surfer on the beach

The oldest surfer on the beach
The oldest surfer on the beach

© 2013 Will D. Side Ltd. (PRS) administered in the U.S./Canada by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP/SOCAN)


1) Which additional musicians play in this songs is not clear from the accompanying material of the album.
3) Source Golden Guide [B]

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