slightly above below average : a tribute to Chet .


basic information

release date 2012 July
country of manufacture [U.S.A.]
label n/a
catalog no. n/a
format CD
note of registration © 2012 John McClellan LLC
recording ..., Hidden Giant Studio by Tim Tompson, [British Grove Studios, London? by...]
mixing ..., by Tim Thompson and Nathan Smith
mastering Mainframe Studio by Nathan Smith
production ..., by Tim Tompson, Ray Flacke and John McClellan
credits In no particular order...thank you to those who made this project possible:
The Atkins family, Diane "Frank" McClellan, Jim and Nancy Wade, Bill Pilburn, Barry Hufker, Tim Thompson, Paul Hennerich, Kirk Hanser, Nathan Smith, Ray Flacke, Dr. Mark Pritcher, Jim McLaughlin, Mike Milom, Dan Dryfus, Pat Kennedy, and all the great artists heard on this recording.

Thank you to the Atkins family, David Wolfram abd Diane "Frank" McClellan for suppyling photographs and to Dan Dreyfus for tweaking the images; Georgia Scott, cover art and design.


John McClellan guitar
Ray Flacke guitar
Brent Mason guitar
Jack Pearson guitar
Johnny Hiland guitar
Tommy Emmanuel guitar
Richard Smith guitar
Charlie McCoy harmonica
Pat Bergeson guitar
Doug Jernigan pedal steel guitar
Terry Wedding guitar
Tim Tompson guitar
Jerry Donahue guitar
Redd Volkaert guitar
Mark Knopfler guitar


22 slightly above below average (6:37) 4)


4) by John McClellan and Ray Flacke

last update of this webpage: 13.06.2014

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