shadowing John Barry


Birth Name: Brian Lawrence Bennett
Born: February 9, 1940
Genre: Rock and Roll

Member of: Brian Bennett Band, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, James Aldenham, The Shadows

basic information

release date 2016 Feb, 5
country of manufacture [Germany]
label Dramatico
catalog no. DRAMCD0108
format CD
note of registration P2014 [CD], 2015 [Booklet] ©2014 [CD], 2015 [Booklet] Dramatico Entertainment Ltd.
recording at Honeyhill Studios and Sunflower Studios by James Collins, Dick Plant & Leigh Lawson
mixing by Leigh Lawson at Honeyhill Studios
mastering n/a
production Brian Bennett
credits n/a


Mark Knopfler lead guitar
Brian Bennett drums
Warren Bennett acoustic guitars
Mark Griffiths bass guitar
Simon Gardner trumpet

the orchestra

Gavyn Wright lead violin
Perry Montague-Mason violin
Warren Zielinski violin
Boguslaw Kostecki violin
Chris Tombling violin
Julian Leaper violin
Dave Daniels cello
Martin Loveday cello


9 we have all the time in the world [3:27] 4)


4) written by Barry / David

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