Born: July 13, 1955
Genres: Rock, Celtic, Jazz, Blues

basic information

release date 1991 Apr, 15
country of manufacture Germany
label Bellaphon
catalog no. 460-07-162 [Cass.], 290·07·162 [CD], 260·07·162 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration P + ©1991
recording Rooster/Roundhouse/Swanyard, London; Centerfield, New York
mixing Hit Compagniet, Oslo by Martin Russell and Ulf Holand
mastering n/a
production Danny Schogger
credits I would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who have worked on this album. Everybody has been unbelievably generous with their time and talent, it could not have been done without you - thank you!

thanks also, for their support and encouragement to:
Paul Cummins, Connie Fillippello, Mark Knopfler, Lauren Krish and Donna Schogger, Sheriff, Les Pursey, Joyce Hissey, Mike Manieri, everybody at Centerfield, Leo at the Roundhouse, Margerita and Annie at Swanyard, Peter Beaumont for the Emmergency Reed Service and Phil Williams (Dr. Saxophone) for making the horns play just the way I like them!

Special thanks to:
Eve and Michelle for putting up with everythings, Gerry and Rinus, without whom this would still be a Cassette of Demos, Maxie, for making me work and sleeping through all the Demos, Doris and Walter, for being them, and last but not least, Danny Schogger, for seeing it through.

Thank you!
Chris White


Chris White 5) soprano sax, tenor sax
Mark Knopfler guitar
Gary Husband drums
Andy Scott programming, arrangement
Mike Mainieri 5) vibes
Jean Paul „Blue“ Maunick keyboards, programming, arrangement

tracks [CD]

6 Jericho walls (5:17) 41)
9 dreamtime (4:28) 42)


3) source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick
41) written by White / Scott / Maunick Bellver Music / Copyright Control / Swanyard Publ.
42) written by White / Maunick Bellver Music / Swanyard Publ.

also available

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
1991 Germany CD³, LP Bellaphon LECD11 [CD], LELP11 [LP]
P + ©1991
  • cassettes


This album is also available under another lable and under the title 'control' with a different track sequence:

release date: ?
country of manufacture: ?
label: ICEBEAR
catalog no.: 97003
format: CD³
note of registration: (P) 1995 Scana
1. Jerícho walls
9. dreamtime

remarks of the admi:

Slavina Ivanova writes on the 20/10/2008: "Also the album 'Control' by Chris White is ILLEGAL in fact, ...".

However NCB - Nordisk Copyright Bureau (Denmark) writes on 31/10/2008: 'The Chris White album "Control" (Scana Sverige; ICEBEAR; 97003) is indeed an official and legal release. ...'


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