river of time


Members: Naomi Judd, Wynonna Judd
Genre: Country

basic information

release date 1996 Nov, 19 [CD]*, unknown [LP, MC]
country of manufacture n/a [CD], U.S.A. [Cass., LP]
label MCA / Curb [CD], RCA / Curb Records [Cass., LP]
catalog no. 9595-R [Cass.], MCAD-11518 [CD], 59595-1R [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration P1996 MCA Records, Inc. ©1996 Curb Music Company / MCA Records, Inc. [CD], P1989 BMG Music [Cass., LP]
recording Brent Maher at Creativ Recording, Inc., Nashville, TN. Steve Jackson at Air Recording Studios, London, England.
mixing Brent Maher at Creative Recording, Inc., Nashville, TN
mastering Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Inc., Nashville, TN
production Brent Maher
credits Special thanks to the legendary Carl Perkins for his guitar work on "Let Me Tell You About Love" and to Mark Knopfler for his guitar work on "Water Of Love"

Wynonna & Naomi


Naomi Judd † n/a
Wynonna Judd n/a
Mark Knopfler guitar
Mark Casstevens acoustic rhythm guitar
Eddie Bayers 5) drums
Jack Williams electric bass
Bobby Ogdin piano
John Jarvis piano
Sonny Garrish steel, dobro
Kirk “Jelly Roll“Johnson harmonica
Farrell Morris percussion
Quintman Dennis clarinet

tracks [CD]

6 water of love (4:18) 6)


* 1st ed. 1989.

³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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    basic information

    Canadian edition:
    label: RCA / Curb Records / BMG • catalog no.: 9595-4-R • note of registration: ?

river of time          
# 9595-I-R [U.S.]          

collector's series

release date: 1990
country of manufacture: Canada
label: RCA
catalog no.: 2278-2-R
format: CD
note of registration: (P) 1990 BMG Music

4 water of love (4:18)
  • label: Curb Records / RCA • country of manufacture: U.S. • catalog no.: 52278-2 • note of registration: (C) 1993 BMG Music • release date: 23.02.1993


  • label: Curb Records / RCA • country of manufacture: U.S. • catalog no.: 2278-4-R • note of registration: ℗ 1990 BMG Music • release date: 1990

their finest collection

release date: 1991 July
country of manufacture: Australia [Cass., CD, LP]
label: Dino Music
catalog no.: DIN 121C [Cass.], DIN 121D [CD], DIN 121 [LP]
format: Cass., CD, LP
note of registration: (P) + (C) Dino Music


6 water of love
  • LP
  • Cass.
  • American superstars : The Judds ; their finest collection
  • their finest collection
  • label: Curb Records • catalog no.: CUR 7765-2 • note of registration: (C) + (P) 1993 Curb Records - American Superstars Series • release date: 1993³
  • label: Curb Records / Dino • catalog no.: 29002 • note of registration: (C) 1995 Dino Music B.V. + (P) 1995 Superior • release date: 1995³

¬the¬ Judds collection 1983-1990

release date: 1992 Sept, 15
country of manufacture: U.S.
label: Curb Records / RCA
catalog no.: 66045-4 [Cass.], 66045-7 [CD]
format: 3 Cass. BOX, 3 CD-BOX
note of registration: (P) + (C) 1992 BMG Music


2.8 water of love (4:15)


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