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Birth Name: Chester Burton Atkins
Born: June 20, 1924
Died: June 30, 2001
Genres: Classicial, Country, Folk, Jazz

basic information

release date 1994 June, 28
country of manufacture ? [Cass.], Austria [CD]
label Columbia
catalog no. (UPC) 0746453756 49 [Cass.], 474628 2 [CD]
format Cass., CD
note of registration P1994 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. ©1994 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
recording Javelina Studios, Nashville, TN and Warkshop, Nashville, TN by Warren Peterson
mixing Javelina Studios, Nashville, TN by Don Cobb
mastering Denny Purcell and Jonathan Russell at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
production Chet Atkins †, David Hungate
credits n/a


Chet Atkins21) guitars
Mark Knopfler guitars
Pat Bergeson guitars, percussion
Paul Yandell rhythm guitar
David Hungate bass

tracks [CD]

9 around the bend (3:45) 4)


4) written by Chet Atkins / Jerry Reed

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