Philip Lynott album, the


Birth Name: Philip Parris Lynott
Born: August 20, 1949
Died: January 4, 1986
Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock

Member of: Funky Junction, The Greedies, , Skid Row, Thin Lizzy

basic information

release date 1982
country of manufacture Germany
label Vertigo
catalog no. ? [Cass.], 842 564-2 [CD], 6359 117 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration P1982 Phonogram Ltd. ©1982 Phonogram Ltd. [CD], P1982 Phonogram Ltd. [LP]
recording Compass Point Studio, Nassau; Good Earth Studio, London; Odyssey Studio, London, Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin
mixing Mark Knopfler and Neil Dorfsman [1982 June, 12]
mastering n/a
production Philip Lynott †
credits Special thanks to Musicians: Darren Wharton, Midge Ure, Mark Knopfler, Scott Gorham, Jerome Rimson, Jimmy Bain, Fiacchra Trench, Monica Lynott, Huey Lewis, Brian Downey, Bobby C. Benberg, Rusty Egan, Mark Nauseff, Mel Collins.


Brian Downey drums
Mark Knopfler lead guitar
Darren Wharton keyboards
Philip Lynott † 20) guitars, bass, vocals

tracks [CD]

9 ode to liberty (the protest song) (5:57)



ode to liberty - protest song
(Jimmy Bain, Philip Lynott)

The dream was not a vision
Or some premonition
Like we were told
It was no figment of the imagination
To prove that we could be bought or sold
The doctrine of the dogma
Could be revealed to the intelligent
But this is what I resent
Who cares for the ignorant the intelligent
The cynics approach must be
Who cares for anything in this whole wide world
And this opinions must not confuse the issue
My appearance my condition or state of delivery
I am stating the obvious
This is a protest
There must be a conclusion
This is no Shakespearian speech
This is a statement made by one
Who cannot practice what he preaches

The Statue of Liberty has engraved on its wall
Give me your poor give me your needy
Give me them all
We need something like this
For this world to co-exist
It would be so easy to act so pretentious
To act as if it was hyprocrisy
To act condescending
But in fact it’s the world we’re mending
And that’s why I can’t relax
Cause inside my coat it’s pistol I pack
We must beware of a surprise nuclear attack
We must be ready to strike back
I’m not pretending our defence they need mending
We must keep on spending
Forget the third world is ending is starving
Is crying is desolate
It’s oh so late
I would dearly love to return
Through a mirror in twenty years
And learn what the future has in store for us
And if I learnt that we lost
And there was no hope
For those that think
I would turn to drink
And drink is drugs
And drugs would help me sink
And like a boat I’d float
Sail out to the skies
To the universe and back
Maybe to give it another try
I don’t know why why Jack
Just to go further and farther
Just to learn just to be nearer

published by Chappell/PUK



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    basic information

    English edition:
    label: Vertigo • catalog no.: 7150 177 • note of registration: P1982 Phonogram Ltd.

the Philip Lynott album

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