oh what a feeling


Born: July 10, 1939
Genres: R&B, Soul

Member of: Ann Peebles, Billy Preston, The Staple Singers, Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint

basic information

release date 2014 Feb, 26 [CD]*
country of manufacture Japan
label WB Records / Rhino
catalog no. WPCR-27746
format CD
note of registration P&© 1979 WEA International
recording Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Sheffield, Alabama by Greg Hamm, Steve Malton. The Hit Factory, NYC by Joe Barbaria
mixing n/a
mastering Bobby Hata, Warner Bros. Recording Studios, North Hollywood
production Jerry Wexler †, Barry Beckett
credits n/a


Mavis Staples n/a
Roger Hawkins 1) drums
Tom Roady1) percussion
David Hood 1) bass
Jesse Boyce 1) bass
Pete Carr 1) guitar
Mose Dillard † 1) guitar
Larry Byrom 1) guitar
Mark Knopfler 1) guitar
Jimmy Johnson 1) guitar
Barry Beckett1) 5) keyboards. synthesizer
Muscle Shoals Horns 1) horns
Harrison Calloway1) horn arrangements
Donna Davis 1) background vocals
Pamela Vincent 1) background vocals
Cynthia Douglas 1) background vocals




  • 2. let love come between us
  • 3. loving you

let love come between us
(J. Wyker III, J. Sobotka)

Baby I found a way to stop all this fussing yeah
It's just not right, baby
The way that we fight
Oh if you would only listen to
What we have to say
We could stop all this fussing, baby
We could do it this way

*Let love come between us
Let love bring us together (bring us together)
Let love be born today
Let love live forever (let love)

I don't believe that you realize
How much I need you baby
And the way my heart cries
It's so hard for us just to get along
So come on and listen
Darling to the words of my song

*Repeat (x4)

loving you
(R. Fairfax, A. Green, F. Jordan)

What a beautiful morning
A happy morning can’t you see
Where the Lord has blessed each one
Each one even you and me
I thank the Lord for his goodness
For he’s been my friend
Thank the Lord for the children now
We can walk on in

*I’m trying to get to heaven right away
Trying to get to heaven right away
Trying to get to heaven right away loving you
(Loving you)
Keep on loving you baby

What a beautiful day the Lord has
Whispered something in my ear
Well it’snothing sad but it’s something
That never ever brings a tear
I thank the Lord for the time
He gave unto my friends
I think it’s time we get together and walk on in

I’m trying to be good like my Jesus
Trying to be good like my Jesus
I’m trying to be good like my Jesus
Loving you (loving you)
Oh baby


I seen the time
When I would’t take nothing for the man
There were other times when I don’t
I don’t really think I care

(Trying to get to heaven right away)
But it’s been so good
(Trying to get to heaven right away)
It’s been so good
So good loving you


Keep on needing you (loving you)
I really want you baby
I got to have you baby (loving you)
To get heaven darjing (loving you)
Loving you, loving you…


* 1st ed. on LP: 1979
1) Which musicians play this track is not clear from the accompanying material of the medium.
2) Source: Terry Kilburn, MKNews

  • 8-track cartridge

US-American edition:
label: WB Records • catalog no.: ?

last update of this webpage: 09.05.2014

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