Born: ?? ??, 1973
Genre: Folk

basic information

release date 2011 Sept, 27
country of manufacture n/a
label Red House Records
catalog no. RHR CD 242
format CD
note of registration © & P 2011 Red House Records, Inc.
recording Mark Polack at Lamplight Studio, Primm Springs, TN; additional by Guy Fletcher [early 2011] at British Grove Studios, London, UK
mixing Mark Polack at Lamplight Studio, Primm Springs, TN
mastering Richard Dodd at Mixing & Mastering, Nashville, TN
production Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey
credits Love and thanks to:
the players for everything they gave to me and these songs, Memphis Ramsey and my mother and father, my sisters and the entire Ramsey and Brown families, Iris DeMent, Mei-Ling Shaw Williams, Sarah Taft and John Dawns, The Bullard family, National Guitars, Willie's American Guitars, Mark Polack, Bill Bentley; Music Lovers Everywhere, Michael Morris, Mike Kappus and everyone at Rosebud, and Eric Peltoniemi and everyone at Red House.
And I especially want to thank Bo Ramsey for going all the distances every time everywhere, and Mark Knopfler for the immeasurable input and support.


Pieta Brown acoustic guitar, vocals
Richard Bennett? ?
Chad Cromwell drums
Glenn Worf bass
Mark Knopfler electric guitar


12 so many miles (3:03) 1)



so many miles
(Pieta Brown)

smokestack lights
flashing red
blues falling
down in my head

somebody knocking
there’s no door
just a note
laying on the floor

you’re going away
i'm leaving too
is this the last
i’ll be seeing of you?

a million miles
is a long way to go
but i’ve been down
this road before

smokestack lights
flashing red
bues falling
down in my head

Woo Jones Music BMI


1) Which additional musicians play in this song is not clear from the accompanying material of the album.

Pieta Brown covered 2014 for the album paradise outlaw "befor gas and tv" by MK.

a note from Pieta [49 KB] (pdf-file from CD-album)


additional album with Pieta B.: freeway, postcards

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