map of the floating city, a

Thomas Dolby

Birth Name: Thomas Morgan Robertson
Born: October 14, 1958
Genre: New Wave, Pop Rock, Synthpop

Member of: Bruce Woolley And The Camera Club, Dolby's Cube, The Fallout Club, Local Heroes SW9

basic information

release date 2011 Oct, 21
country of manufacture EU
label EMI
catalog no. LTPCDX1
format 2 CD³
note of registration P2011 ©2011 Scale Music & Sound Hits Ltd.
recording The Nutmeg of Consolation additional Real World; British Grove [M.K. overdubt in early 2009]; Gemini Ipswich UK; Glenwood Place; Bad Robot; The Way; Unit X
mixing Bill Bottrell
mastering Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering Ltd, Devon UK
production Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson
credits Special thanks to:
Andy Ferguson, Charles Scott, David Byrne, David Hoffmann, Emily McManus, Graham Robertson, Grant Morris, Harper Robertson, JJ Abrams, Joanna Seguro, Jonatham Chiddick, Kathleen Beller, Kit Woolley, Melissa Jordan, Nikki Soerensen, Paul D, Paul Sebastien, Stephen Coats, Talia Robertson, Jay Siegan


Thomas Dolby piano, synths, vocals
Mark Knopfler lead guitar
Kevin Armstrong guitars
Natalie MacMaster fiddle
Ethel strings
Jeffrey Walsh fretless bass
Bruce Kaphan pedal steel
Liam Genockey drums


1.7 17 hills [7:41]
2.7 17 hills (instrumental version) [7:41]



17 hills
(Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson)

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills from the sea
and you see five of those seventeen hills
through the iron grille in cell block E.

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills from the Bay
you could see nine of those seventeen hills
from the lead roof of cell block A.

Papa came here as a sailor
Jumped a ship in ‘53
And when he ran my mother
drank herself to death
Guess I got that dirty gene . . .
It’s about all he left to me.

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills from the Bay
you’d see twelve of those seventeen hills
from the downpipe on cell block H.

Flaming hair and her name was Irene
the prettiest thief you ever seen
we robbed a store and she shot
an armed guard
but mine was the face on the DVR.

They ran us down on the Delta
in a freight yard rusting in the sun
All I wanted was a place among those hills
didn’t mean to hurt no-one
least of all the girl I love.

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills to the sky
Spread her ashes at the foot of those hills
the seventeenth hill is where she lies.

If I can bribe some crooked lawyer
to smuggle in a hacksaw blade
tide tables and a yard or two of twine
I’ll ride the driftwood in the Bay
let the wind decide my fate.

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills from the Bay
the silhouette of those beautiful hills
is right at the end of this old stormdrain.

The city rises on seventeen hills
seventeen hills from the Bay
the last thing I saw was all seventeen hills
in between crests of the ocean waves
the towering crests of the ocean waves.

Published by Lost Toy People, Inc.


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
2011 EU CD³
EMI LTPCD1 (P) + (C) 2011 Scale Music & Sound Hits Ltd.

with Track: 7. 17 hills

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