just for a thrill


Members: Bill Wyman, Terry Taylor, Albert Lee, Beverley Skeete, Frank Mead, Gary Brooker, Georgie Fame, Graham Broad, Henry Spinetti, Janice Hoyte, Martin Taylor, Mike Sanchez, Nick Payn, Adrian Byron Burns
Genres: Rock and Roll, Rock (Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock)

basic information

release date 2004 May, 10
country of manufacture n/a
label Roadrunner Records
catalog no. RR 8275-2 [CD], RAMLP007 [LP]
format CD, LP
note of registration P + ©2004 Ripple Records
recording Brian Tench
mixing n/a
mastering Tim Young
production Bill Wyman, Terry Taylor
credits n/a


Albert Lee vocals, guitar
Bill Wyman bass, percussion
Chris Stainton piano
Georgie Fame organ
Mark Knopfler guitar
Terry Taylor guitar
Graham Broad drums
Beverley Skeete backing vocals
Linzi Hunter backing vocals

tracks [CD]

1 disappearing nightly [3:47]



disappearing nightly
(Spencer Bohren)

I go where the weather's good.
I do what I think I should.
I move nearly every day,
Trying to drive the blues away.

I do what I want to do.
I know who I'm talking to.
I'm heading down the highway.
I always do it my way.

- Refrain -

Disappearing nightly,
Disappearing nightly,
Disappearing nightly.

I always take my pay in cash,
Kings, queens and jacks.
Life is like a card game,
Playing for the prize of fame.

Writing down another tune.
Yet another dressing room.
Cut another piece of cake.
Looking for a big break.

- Refrain -

Try and make a square deal.
Hard to get a square meal.
Never get the ends to meet.
Seldom have enough to eat.

Haven't time to make a friend.
I wonder where it all will end.
See you later . . . got to go.
Got to make another show.

Gosh! Music (SACEM)


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

also available

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
2005 Canada CD³
Fuel TND 359 (P) + (C) 2005 Fuel 2000 Records
2011 EU CD Repertoire Records RR 5246 (P) 2004 Ripple Records Ltd. (C) 2011 Repertoire Records

additional releases of this album

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  • compilations
  disappearing nightly Roadrunner Records / Randm Records [CDs-R]    
  [France] disappearing nightly DixieFrog [CDs] SDSG 027 (P) 2004 Ripple Records (C) 2004 DixieFrog Records
  U.S.A. just for a thrill Fuel [CD-R] 302 061 459 2 (P) & (C) 2005 Ripple Records
U.S.A. selections from just for a thrill Fuel [CDs-R]   (P) & (C) 2004 Ripple Records


England HMV playlist - choise HMV [CD] SDRC03A (P) & (C) HMV UK Ltd.

the best of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

release date: 2009 Sep, 4
country of manufacture: n/a
label: Repertoire
catalog no.: REP 5148
format: 2 CD³
note of registration: (P) + (C) 2009 Repertoire Records

5 disappearing nightly (3:45)


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