it's money that matters


  • CDsingle
  • Vinyl 12"

basic information

release date unknown  
country of manufacture Germany ?
label Reprise  
catalog no. W7709CD 921 095-2 W7709T 921 095 0
format CDs (3") Vinyl 12"
note of registration P1988 WEA Int. Inc. ©1988 WEA Records Ltd.  
recording n/a  
mixing n/a  
mastering n/a  
production Mark Knopfler  
credits n/a  

tracks [CDs]

1 it's money that matters
2 roll with the punches


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

3 tracks single.

Produced for the album LAND OF DREAMS.

also available

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. note of registration
1988 USA
Vinyl 7" Reprise 27707-7 ©1988 + P1988 Reprise Records
1988 UK Vinyl 7"³ Reprise W7709 (927709-7) ©1988 + P1988 WEA International Inc.

both 2 tracks single

  • cassette


release date: 1988, country of manufacture: USA, label: Reprise, catalog no.: 9 27709-4, note of registration: ℗ + © 1988 Reprise Records

2 tracks cassette


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