in private - in public : the Prince and Princess .


  • Britannic edition
  • US American edition

basic information

release date n/a 1987 June, 17
country of manufacture [UK] [U.S.]
label Virgin Video Vestron Video
catalog no. / isbn VVD 303 6302036321
format Video VHS  
note of registration ©1986 The Trustees of the Prince of Wales Charities Trust ©1986 Indipendent Television News  
recording n/a  
mixing n/a  
mastering n/a  
production Stewart Purvis  
credits n/a  

theme music

Mark Knopfler [guitar]
n/a n/a


1 Part [ca 1:13]
2 Part [ca 2:09]
3 Part [ca 2:04]


Screened on the ITV network 21. and 22.09.1986.

110 minutes [Tape 1], 59 minutes [Tape 2].

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