hell to pay


Members: Jeff Healey, Tom Stephen, Joe Rockman

basic information

release date 1990 May, 28
country of manufacture Germany [Cass., CD, LP], Holland [DCC]
label Arista
catalog no. 410 815 [Cass.], 260 815 [CD], 07822186325 [DCC], 47 242 3 [LP]
format Cass., CD, DCC, LP
note of registration P1990 Arista Records, Inc. ©1990 Arista Records, Inc.
recording Le Studio, Morin Heights by Paul Hammingson assisted by Simon Pressey
mixing Ed Stasium assisted by Paul Hammingson
mastering Sterling Sound, NYC by Greg Calbi
production Ed Stasium
credits Special thanks:
to Clive Davis, Bill Berger, Roy Lott, Michael Cohen, Rick Bisceglia, Eliza Brownjohn, Sean Coakley, Marty Diamond, Tom Ennis, Ken Levy, Lauren Moran, Melani Rogers, Milton Sincoff, Scott Spanjich, Phil Wild and all the fine people at Arista Records who have worked so hard on our behalf over the last two years

Monti Lueftner, Rudi Gassner, Heinz Henn and all the great people at BMG International Worldwide

Ed Stasium, Paul Hammingson and Simon Pressey for their patience and expertise
Richard Ealey and all his great staff at Le Studio
The management and staff at Club Bourbon Street, Morin Heights

George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Mark Knopfler, Paul Shaffer, Bobby Whitlock, Sass Jordan and Kat Dyson for taking the time and contributing their special talents of this record


Jeff Healey † 24) lead vocals, guitar
Joe Rockman bass, backing vocals
Tom Stephen drums
Mark Knopfler backing vocals, guitar
Paul Shaffer keyboards
Bobby Whitlock hammond B3
Sass Jordan backing vocals
Kat Dyson backing vocals

tracks [CD]

2 I think I love you too much (6:27) 6)



I think I love you too much
(Mark Knopfler)


Straitjacket Songs, Almo Music Corp. ASCAP


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

recorded and mixed Jan. / Feb. 1990

also available

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
1990 USA CDBoxSet
Arista ARCD-8632
P1990 Arista Records, Inc.


additional release of this album

original album classics³        
  • cassettes / dcc
  • singles
  • promos
  • compilations
  • sampler
cass.         dcc        
hell to pay sampler [album version and single edit] I think I love you too much [edit version and album version]        
CDs³ CDs³        
# ASCD-9954 [U.S.]
# ASCD-2031 [U.S.]        

Title 'I think I love you too much' also on CDs Promo [label: Arista, catalog no.: SCD-2031] publishes as an edit (4:34).


Gold Disc #661 sex, lies & audiotape : Arista's rock sampler          

platinium & gold collection

release date: 2003 Dec, 18
country of manufacture: U.S.A.
label: Arista
catalog no.: 82876 57230 2
format: CD³
note of registration: (C) + (P) 2004 BMG Music

1 I think I love you too much

legacy: volume one

release date: 2009 Apr, 3
country of manufacture: Germany
label: Arbor
catalog no.: 0196852ERE
format: 2 CD
note of registration: (P) + (C) 2009 Arbor Records Ltd.

2.1 I think I love you too much [new mix] (6:27)

playlist: the very best of the jeff healey band

release date: 2013 Oct, 15
country of manufacture: U.S.A.
label: Arista / Legacy
catalog no.: 88883741262
format: CD³
note of registration: (C) 2013 + (P) ..., 1990, ... RCA Record

5 I think I love you too much (6:27)

different versions: album-edit, single-edit, video-edit

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