gathering, the


Birth Name: Diane Joan Schuur
Born: December 10, 1953
Genre: Blues, Jazz, Pop

basic information

release date 2011 June, 3 [CD]
country of manufacture [USA]
label Vanguard
catalog no. 78167-2 [CD], 78167-1 [LP]
format CD, LP
note of registration P & ©2011 Vanguard Records
recording Ed Seay at Sound Emporium & Cool Tools Audio, Assistant Engineer: Taylor Pollert, Nashville; Rich Cooper at British Grove Studios, London
mixing Ed Seay
mastering Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering, Nashville
production Steve Buckingham
credits My heartfelt thanks go out to my sweet husband. Les Crockett, Rocket man, my manager and close friend, Jack White, Jacky, to Owen Cartwright my personal assistant in our travels wordwide, to Gary Scherrer, Lightning, for his love and constant support, to my sister Elisabeth Marsh, Buzzy, and her husband Donald David for being a guiding light in my life, and of course to Vanguard Records for embracing me into the fold. Thanks also to Steve Buckingham, Stevie, and Ed Seay. It was a gas working with such consummate musicians who all took the time to pray before each session in the studio. Thanks also go to Charlene Bridges, Charlie, for taking such great photos and to her husband Dave Bridges, Davy, I'd be remiss if I didn't extend a special thanks to my 2 cats, Tootsie and Keesa, to Heidi and Barbara for keeping the Deedle rocket pad running smoothly. I'm so grateful for the love and support I've received through the years from my Deedle fans all over the world. This album is dedicated to my late fan club president and kindred spirit, Geoff English.


Diane Schuur vocals, piano
[Eddie Bayers] [drums]
[Carmella Ramsey] [harmony vocals]
Kirk Whalum tenor sax
Mark Knopfler guitar
Steve Buckingham guitar

tracks [CD]

2 healing hands of time [5:30] 1)



healing hands of time
(Willie Nelson)

They're working while I'm missing you those healing hands of time
And soon they'll be dismissing you from this heart of mine
They'll lead me safely through the night and I'll follow as though blind
My future tightly clutched within those healing hands of time
They let me close my eyes just then those healing hands of time
And soon they'll let me sleep again those healing hands of time
So already I've reached mountain peaks and I've just begun to climb
I'll get over you by clinging to those healing hands of time
I'll get over you by clinging to those healing hands of time

Sony/ATV - BMI


1) Which additional musicians play in this song is not clear from the accompanying material of the album.

Recorded December 6, 2010 in Nashville, TN

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