foreign affair


Birth Name: Anna Mae Bullock
Born: November 26, 1939
Genres: Rock, Pop, R&B

basic information

release date 1989 Sept, 18
country of manufacture Holland [CD]
label Capitol Records
catalog no. 264 7 91873 4 [Cass.], CDP 7 91873 2 [CD], 064 7 91873 1 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration P + ©1989 Capitol Records, Inc.
recording The Hit Factory Times Square, New York City; The Power Station, New York City; Multi-Level, Connecticut; E-Zee Studios, London; Mayfair Studios, London; Swanyard Studios, London; Lionshare Studios, Los Angeles; Pathe-Marconi Studios, Paris
mixing Chris Lord-Alge at The Grey Room, Los Angeles
mastering Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York City
production Roger Davies, Tony Joe White
credits n/a


Tina Turner n/a
Tony Joe White lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Mark Knopfler guitar
Nick Glennie-Smith synth bass, drum programming, keyboards, strings, bell-tree
Gary Barnacle sax

tracks [CD]

12 foreign affair (4:27)


  • 12. foreign affair

foreign affair
(Tony Joe White)

A one in a million chance
You know the moment that you cross over the line
A casual glance
And no one has to read between the lines

In the south of France
It was springtime
Special feelings come alive
There’s romance in the air
So they say
Love could be a small cafe away

Love is a piece of cake
And making love is all there is to eat
It’s a heart out on a limb
When you start to feel forever in a kiss

But you must remember
There’s no point of refuge
You only have a part
In a lover’s play
And you could be the one left in the dark
If someone takes a shortcut to your heart

And all too soon you’re touching
For the last time
No one has to tell you how it is
It’s just memory two people share
File it under foreign affair

© Tony Joe White Music administered by Screen Gems – EMI Music Inc.


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

also available in 'Passport Edition'

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
1989 Austria / UK CD³
Capitol Records
CDP 7 91873 2 (P) + (C) 1989 Capitol Records, Inc.

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Tina ltd. ed. 2 CD originaux : foreign affair = private dancer 3 CD originaux : foreign affair ; break every rule ; ... 3 CD : private dancer = break every rule = foreign affair 2 CD originals : ... = foreign affair
1990 1996 1998 2000? 2003
2 CD originals : ... = foreign affair        
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