Birth Name: Nanci Caroline Griffith
Born: July 6, 1953
Died: August 13, 2021
Genres: Country, Folk

basic information

release date 1994 Sept, 13
country of manufacture n/a
label MCA
catalog no. MCC 11555 [Cass.], MCD 11155 [CD]
format Cass., CD
note of registration P + ©1994 Elektra Entertainment
recording n/a
mixing David Leonard
mastering Greg Calbi & Scott Hull at New York Masterdisk
production Peter Collins
credits ...

To the sweetest voice of Ireland, Frances Black, I thank you kindly for believing in me as a songwriter and for recording se veral of these songs on your first solo album. When you called me for new songs for your record I did not know if this new writing approach I'd wandered into would or could echo in the heart of another voice other than my own...thank you for singing those songs with such grace and dignity...your voice retrieved my belief in myself as a songwriter with a heart of her own.

To the card reader in New York City who told me I had lived a hard life and that hard life was over now...who told me I had spent years internally reconciling and working out that hard life ...who said that work is completed now...who told me to go have fun now...I thank you for giving me license to be happy in life, I am living you advice.

To all those brilliant players for yor individuality and your've truly made these songs your own...I love you each dearly and express every kind of thanks for the honor of your presence here.

To Peter Buck, who produced with such great care "Time Of Inconvenience" and "Always Will" in Athens, Georgia during an especially inconvenient time in his life amongst having those twin babies and writing for his own new album with REM and to our engineer, John Keane who was also having twin babies, I thank you kindly...congratulations guys on producing those four great babies and theses two songs.

To my producer, Peter Collins, thank you for giving us humor, inspiration, integrity, direction and cigars.

To Peter Buck, Ellen Darst, Steve Ralbovsky, Ken Levitan, Dave Leonard, Nineyear Woodridge, John Keane, Sam O'Sulllivan, Larry Mullen jnr, Adam Clayton, Kathi Whitley, John Painter, Principal Management, David Conrad, Stuart Hornell, The Chieftains, Adam Duritz, Jason LeBlanc, Debi and Alex Collins; thank you for your help in talking this puzzle apart and putting it all back together again with such grace and devotion.

Kind thanks to Steve Ralbovsky, Bob Krasnow, David Bither, Ellen Darst, Jeff Jones, Sherry Ring, Lisa Millman, Joel Amsterdam, Jon Leshay, Suzanne Berg, Brian Cohen, Lisa Frank, Sonia Ives, and Gary Casson at Elektra for all that you do to get my music heard.

To my pals Elaine, Emmy, Harlan, Melanie, Joy, Julie, Frank, Jessica, Susan,Tina, Jeffrey, Rocky, Rooney, Carolyn (Caroline), Fram, Rita, Mark, Leah Robinson and my father...what would life be without you as my angels in this life?

To the Dermott Lawles family, to Barry Davies, to Clarence Helton, Margaret Connollly, Janet Forbes, Bill Schleicher and Kirke Martin, thank you for your friendship and the wheel.

With love to my grandmothers, Susan and Babe.

Goodnight mother...thank you for your dreams.

Lastly, to James music wouldn't play right without you.

This album ist for John.

Always will

Nanci Griffith


Nanci Griffith lead vocals, harmony vocals, guitar
Pat McLaughlin supporting vocal
Mary Ann Kennedy background vocals
James Hooker piano
Mark Knopfler electric guitar
Bill Dillon electric guitar
John Painter electric guitar
David Mansfield electric guitar, mandolin
Adam Clayton [U2] bass
Larry Mullen jnr [U2] drums, percussion

tracks [CD]

7 don‘t forget about me [2:58]



don’t forget about me
(Nanci Griffith, James Hooker)

I can’t be your weather
If it rains then it rains
I can’t be your lover
Cuz the feelings would change

I can’t be the wind
Cuz the wind blows too free
But if you want a true companion
Don’t forget about me

Don’t forget about me
When your heart’s in the shade
When there’s no one to hold you
And you’ve fallen from grace
When the spotlights come blind you
And you can no longer see
I’ll be right there beside you
Don’t forget about me

Friends never leave you
They’re a two way street
They’ll always believe in you
When you’ve ceased to believe
And I’ll still be the same
If you’re a friend in need
Cuz , I’ll always love you
Don’t forget about me



©1994 Ponder Heart Rondor Music (Ldn) Ltd. / MCA Music Ltd.



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