falling in love


  • 3" CDsingle
  • 12" Vinyl
  • 7" Vinyl

basic information

release date unknown    
country of manufacture Germany ? Germany
label Reprise    
catalog no. W7578CD (921 147-2) W7578T (921 147-0) 927 578-7
format CDs (3") Vinyl 12" Vinyl 7"
note of registration P ..., 1988 WEA International Inc. ©1989 WEA International Inc.   P1988 WEA International Inc. ©1989 WEA International Inc.
recording n/a    
mixing n/a    
mastering n/a    
production Mark Knopfler    
credits n/a    


CDsingle Vinyl 12" Vinyl 7"
2. bad news from home [2:45] B1. bad news from home B. bad news from home (2:45)


Produced for the album LAND OF DREAMS.


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