Dulcimer sessions


Died: August 23, 2006
Genre: Folk

Member of: The Cactus Brothers

basic information

release date unknown
country of manufacture n/a
label n/a
catalog no. SFL #5
format CD
note of registration ©1992 SFL tapes and discs
recording at the Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa. Engineer: Richard Adler
mixing n/a
mastering Mark Miller
production John Lomax III, Mark Miller, David Schnaufer †
credits This album dedicated to the memory of Moses Scrivner, Raymond Epler, Albert D'Ossche & John Henry Faulk. Thanks to George Gruhn for the loan od several guitars; Instruments by Moses Scrivner, Roscoe Russell & Black Mountain; Pickups by Lloyd Baggs; Instrument Maintenance: Moses Scrivner, Joe Glaser, Vince Farsetta; Guitar Tech on "All I Have To Do Is Dream": Zip Gibson; Art Direction: Billy Dakota; Photography: Senor McGuire; ...


David Schnaufer † 23) dulcimer
Mark Knopfler guitar


7 all I have to do is dream (2:51) 4)


4) written by Boudleaux Bryant House of Bryant Publications

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  • sampler

one man, two hands, four strings

release date: unknown
country of manufacture: Australia
label: Massive
catalog no.: 7310022
format: CD
note of registration: P1994 + ©1994 The Massive Recording Co. Pty Ltd/SFL

2 all I have to do is dream
all songs considered : 4 CD collection          

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