devil music


Born: ?? ??, 1948
Genres: Folk, Pop/Rock, R&B

Member of: Traffic

basic information

release date 2015 Sept, 18
country of manufacture [U.S.A.]
label New West Records
catalog no. NW6440 [CD], NW5113 [LP]
format CD, LP
note of registration © + P 2015 New West Records, LLC
recording Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney and Elliot Scheiner, assisted by Brandon Schexnayder at Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN; Guy Fletcher at British Grove Studios, London, England
mixing Gerry Hansen
mastering Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles
production Gerry Hansen
credits Special thanks to Lenore, whose beautiful spirit is my light. Also, my boy, Isaac, whose creativity always shines. George Fontane and all the folks at New West Records, Nancy Lewis-Pegel, Rob Pegel, Charles Driebe, Chuck Ainlay, Michael Rhodes, Cuck Leavell, Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks, Buck & Patti Williams, Ed Cherney, Elliot Scheiner, Brandon Schexnayder, Tim White and of course, my inbcredible Band Family.
This album is dedicated to Harold Williams whose joy and humor will live with us always.


Randall Bramblett hammond, vocals
Mark Knopfler electric guitar
David Causey electric guitar
Nick Johnson electric guitar
Michael Rhodes bass
Gerry Hansen drums

tracks [CD]

1 dead in the water (4:23)



dead in the water
(Randall Bramblett)

I run out of gas on the Huey Long Bridge
And the moon was drownin in the mud
Don't think about walkin back to town
Don't think about jumpin - it's too far down

Dead in the water
Hidin in a whisper tree
Preacher on the corner
Shoutin to an emptry street

Mama been flyin
Drinkin that benzedrine
She's srcubbin the floor with a toothbrush
But she just can't get it clean

Dead in the water
Hidin in a whisper tree
Man on the corner
Shoutin to an emptry street

Hey ... hey

Hidin in the saw grass
Drinkin from a shot glass
While the black wind howls
while the police scowl

Starin at the night sky
While you're makin up a good lie
When the lights come on you got to be strong
Better think of something sweet
'Fore they put you in the back seat

Dead in the water

New West Independent Publishing (BMI) / Raccoon Row Music (BMI)



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devil music

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