closing in on the fire


Birth Name: Waylon Arnold Jennings
Born: June 15, 1937
Died: February 13, 2002
Genres: Country, Outlaw Country

Member of: The Highwaymen, Old Dogs

basic information

release date 1998 June, 16
country of manufacture [USA]
label ARK 21
catalog no. 61868 10023 2
format CD
note of registration P + ©1998 ARK 21
recording Peter Coleman at Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Nashville, TN assisted by Dan Leffler and Dave Landry
mixing Peter Coleman at Treasure Isle and Omni Sound Recording Studios, Nashville, TN assisted by Dan Leffler, Dave Landry and James Butler and by John Hampton at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN, assisted by Jason Latshaw, Pete Mathews and Matt Martone. Additional by Rob Feaster ... at The Castle Recording Studios, Inc., Franklin, TN, Sixteenth Avenue Sound, Omni Studios, Emerald Sound Studios and Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN. Additional by Simon Osborne at Lake House, Wiltshire, England, by Andy Gallmore at Sarm West Studios, London, England asstisted by Tim Wills assisted by Trina Shoemaker
mastering Dave Shipley at Foxwood Mastering, Nashville, TN
production Gregg Brown
credits n/a


Waylon Jennings22) vocals, background vocals
Mark Knopfler electric guitar, 1st solo
Richard Bennett 5) electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 2st solo
Randy Scruggs acoustic guitar
Glenn Worf 5) bass
Hargus “Pig“ Robbins 5) piano
Steve Turner drums
Billy Livsey hammond B-3 organ
Sam Bacco percussion
Carter Robertson background vocals


7 be mine [4:41]



be mine
(Kimmie Rhodes)

When the green, green spring
Is waiting for the sun to shine
It knows the sun will shine
In time… in time…
How long until the dawn?
Is there any sign?
How long until your love will be mine?

The sweetest dream
I ever dreamed in all my life
Was one of having you
In time… in time…
Are you ever gonna wake up
From the sleep you sleep?
How long until your love will be mine?

Be mine
Be mine
How long until your love will be mine?

I’ve heard it said
That a thousand years is like a day
Just a twinkle of an eye
In time… in time…
Just a moment full of grace
My whole life would be
If you would say your love could be mine

Be mine
Be mine
How long until your love will be mine?

Be mine
Be mine
How long until your love will be mine?

©1989 Gracey-Rhodes Productions, Inc.


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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Advance CD³          
# 61868 10023 2 1V [U.S.]          
cover version

Waylon Jennings covered on the album never could to the mark "settin' me up" by MK.

release date: 1984
label: RCA
catalog no.: AHL1-5017

Further issue on cassette.


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