climate of hunter


Birth Name: Noel Scott Engel
Born: January 9, 1944
Died: March 22, 2019

Genres: Rock (Art Rock), Experimental, Pop, Country, Beat

Member of: The Daltons, The Routers, The Strangers, The Walker Brothers

basic information

release date unknown
country of manufacture Germany
label Virgin
catalog no. TCV 2303 [Cass.], CDV 2303 [CD], 206 118-320 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP
note of registration P1983 Virgin Records Ltd. ©1983 Virgin Records Ltd.
recording Town House EMI & Sarm West Studios by Peter Walsh asstisted by Gavin MacKillop, John Kurlander & Ross Mallion
mixing n/a
mastering n/a
production Peter Walsh, Scott Walker
credits n/a


Scott Walker † n/a
Mo Foster bass
Peter van Hooke drums
Mark Knopfler guitars

tracks [CD]

8 blanket roll blues [3:16]



blanket roll blues
(Tenessee Williams, Kenyon Hopkins)

When I crossed
the river,

with a heavy
blanket roll,

I took nobody
with me,

not a soul.

I took
a few provivisions

some for comfort
some for cold,

but I took
nobody with me,

not a soul.


recordet oct-dec 83

³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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climate of hunter (remastered) track three        
CD [UK]          

in 5 easy pieces : a themed 5 CD anthology

release date: 2006 Sep, 12
country of manufacture: EU
label: Mercury / Universal
catalog no.: 984 021-9
format: CDBox 5CD
note of registration: (P) + (C) 2003 Mercury Records Ltd. (P) + (C) 2006 Mercury Records Ltd.

3.19 blanket roll blues [3:13]
it's blues vol. 2³          

The sampler it's blues vol. II additionally comprises the track(s) 'blues stay away from me' from the album(s): 'The Notting Hillbillies: missing...presumed having a good time'.


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