buried treasures vol. 3


Members: Alan Hunt, Rod Clement, Ray Jackson
Genres: British Folk, Folk Rock

basic information

release date 2001 Feb, 22
country of manufacture UK
label Siren
catalog no. SRNC 202 CD
format CD
note of registration © + P2000 Siren Music Ltd.
recording by hand
mixing n/a
mastering n/a
production n/a
credits n/a


Rod Clements n/a
Mark Knopfler n/a


5 Newport mount rag [3:07] 4)


4) written by Mark Knopfler Rondor Music (London)

Taken from the booklet:

Recorded by Hand. Rod: "One afternoon in Spring 1974 Mark Knopfler from Newcastle turned up on my doorstep in Finchley with a guitar, asking if I wanted to join a group. "Groups Schmoops" I replied, having just left Jack The Lad, but he came in for a bit of a play anyway, I used the old hollow Gretsch (to save plugging in), as we huddled round my state-of-the-art Pifco cassette recorder I could tell that Mark knew where he was going, and had what it took to get there. Later the two of us went to see Richard Thompson playing in Hampstead. It was a pretty good day."

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