Brendan Croker & the 5 O'Clock Shadows


basic information

release date 1989 Aug, 21
country of maufacture ? [Cass.], Germany [CD]
label Silvertone Records
catalog no. ZK4218 [Cass.], ZD74218 [CD], ZL74218 [LP]
format Cass., CD, LP,
note of registration P1989 ©1989 Silvertone Records Ltd.
recording KGM, Wakefield West Yorkshire; Matrix, London; The Fletcherdrome, London, Home of the Blues, London by Kenny Jones
mixing Matirx, London
mastering n/a
production John Porter
credits We would also like to thank:
Paul Charles, Ron (I've been called worse) Eve, Nigel & the lads, Arkenoid, Alan Rogan, Andrew Lauder, Judith Riley, the Elusive Lucy, J. Scheerer & Sons (Leeds), Electric Eric at the Prince of Wales, lan (the audio effect!), Mel Bentley of Leeds, oh yes and Paul Crockford for his sartorial elegance which is only matched by Andy Kershaw's ability to keep on the move - cheers!
We would especially like to thank Mark Knopfler for his unending patience, Guy Fletcher for services beyond the call of duty and John & Kenny for their time, trouble and sleepless nights.


Brendan Croker vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Knopfler electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Guy Fletcher 5) bass, keyboards
Steve Goulding drums

tracks [CD]

1 no money at all (3:38)



no money at all

When the morning rolls around
For you and me and the lonely town
Some people got no money at all
Everyday and every might
You can hear their cry you can see their fight
Some people got no money at all
Everywhere you see their face
On the T.V. screen. In the market place
Some people got no money at all
There are times when we forget
There are times we all remember but yet
Some people got no money at all

This song is almost done
And everything will carry on
Some people got no money at all
And when I am dead and gone
Someone else will be singing a song and it goes
Some people got no money at all


³ source Golden Guide [C]

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    US-American edition³ :
    label: RCA / Silvertone Records • catalog-no.: 1209-4-J • note of registration: ℗ & © 1989 Silvertone Records Ltd.

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no money at all

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no money at all          
# 1252-2-JDJ [U.S.]          


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The sampler still got the blues [1997] additionally comprises the track(s) 'I guess that says it all ' from the album(s): 'Brendan Croker, the great indoors'.


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