Bradley Barn sessions, the


Birth Name: George Glenn Jones
Born: September 12, 1931
Died: April 26, 2013
Genre: Country

basic information

release date 1994 Oct, 12
country of manufacture U.S. [Cass.], n/a [CD]
label MCA
catalog no. MCAC-11096 [Cass.], MCAD-11096 [CD]
format Cass., CD,
note of registration © + P1994 MCA Records, Inc.
recording Chuck Ainlay and Donivan Cowart in the Enactron Truck at Bradley‘s Barn; Mount Juliet, TN. Additional: Bob Bradley and Mark Lambert in The Truck; Tood Culross at The Music Mill
mixing John Kelton at The Castle
mastering Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
production Brian Ahern
credits Special thanks: Naney Jones, Tony Brown, Renee' White, Owen Bradley, Michael Sales, Bob Bradley, Glen D. Hardin, Ricky Skaggs, Tommy Waco Spurlock, Greg Humphrey, Joyce Wright, Julie Ballweg, Marsha Sutherland, Pee Wee Johnson, John Spencer, Scott Dorsey


George Jones † 27) n/a
Glenn Worf 5) acoustic bass
Ricky Skaggs fiddle
Marty Stuart mandolin
Paul Franklin 5) steel guitar
Eddy Bayers 5) drums
Mac McAnally acoustic guitar
Brian Ahern g-string bass
Vince Gill 5) guitar
Hargus ‘Pig‘ Robbins 5) piano
Mark Knopfler electric guitar, [vocals]

tracks [CD]

10 white lightnin‘ (3:31)



white lightnin‘
(J.P. Richardson)

Well in North Carolina, way back in the hills
Me and my old pappy had a hand in a still
We brewed white lightnin' 'til the sun went down
Then he'd fill him a jug and he'd pass it around
Mighty, mighty pleasin, pappy's corn squeezin'
Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin'

Well the "G" men "T" men revenuers, too
Searchin' for the place where he made his brew
They were looking, tryin to book him, but my pappy kept a-cookin'
Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin'

Well I asked my old pappy why he called his brew
White lightnin' 'stead of mountain dew
I took a little sip and right away I knew
As my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue
Lightnin' started flashin' thunder started clashin'
Shhhoooh . . . white lightnin'

(Repeat chorus)

Well a city slicker came and he said "I'm tough"
I think I wanna taste that powerful stuff
He took one s-s-slug and drank it right down
And I heard him a moaning as he hit the ground
Mighty, mighty pleasin, pappy's corn squeezin'
Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin'

(Repeat chorus)


Mark Knopfler in studio
Mark Knopfler in studio photography © by Fritz Hoffman

– unreleased track
I always get lucky with you

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additional album with George J..: burn your playhouse down

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