booze brothers, the


Members: Ron Watts, Steve Darrington, John McKay, Malcolm Barrett, Bob Walker, Derrick Timms, Steve Nachi, Pick Withers, Mark Knopfler
Genre: Rock

basic information

release date unknown
country of manufacture England [CD]
label Red Lightnin'
catalog no. RLCD0079 [CD], RL0077 [LP]
format CD, LP
note of registration ©1989 P1989 Red Lightnin' Ltd.
recording [Rockfield Studios, Wales]
mixing n/a
mastering n/a
production Kingsley Ward, Alimony Slim [1,6]
credits n/a


Alimony Slim vocals [1,6], second guitar [4,6], background vocals [6]
Steve Darrington Steve Darrington
Mark Knopfler guitars
Steve Norchi bass [1,4,6]
Steve Walker drums [1]
Big Ron vocals [4], background vocals [6]
Bobby O‘Walker drums [4,6]

tracks [CD]

1 where are you tonight? [4:09]
4 my old lady [3:43]
6 rock steady woman [4:09]



where are you tonight?



my old lady
(Nick Gravenites)



rock steady woman



³ source Golden Guide [B]
* source: database by Peter Möller

Taken from the booklets:


The Droop began in the late sixties with Big Ron and various other players being dragged out of the pub in the High Wycombe area and forced to play in 1971, the situation became serious and they became one of the hardest gigging bands in the country and unable to spend much time in the pub.
An Album was released which reflected the live stage act and enjoyed some commercial success, but circa 1973 times changed and new men arrived in the band.
At an audition in the Nags Head, High Wycombe, among the 30 or so hopefuls one man turned up with a Red Gibson guitar, a flat hat, a big grin and a Northern accent. He plugged his axe in and immediately made a great impression. The job was proffered without haste and the deal struck over a round or three of beers. Mark Knopfler was now in the band!


Around this time, the Droop were part ways through recording some tracks in the middle of nowhere, that being the only place that would tolerate them. The very same tracks mentioned were done with Mark and a new bass player - Steve Norchi, with much production help from Dave Edmunds. Some of these tracks are featured on this album.
Brewers Droop began as a good rocking Cajun band and progressed to what you hear on this disc. They are today set to rise again from the pub, sorry, the shadows - so watch out, but meanwhile listen and enjoy this record and hear the fledgling Mark Knopfler cultivate the sound that was to make Dire Straits a World-wide success story.

also available

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. note of registration
1991 Holland
CD* Ramble Tramble RATA 001
(C) 1989 (P) 1991
1992 Holland CD³ Zillion
2610392 (C) + (P) 1992 Zillion Records
1997 UK CD³ Castle Classic CLA CD 428 GAS0000428CLA (C) 1997 Red Lightnin' Ltd. / Castle Communications Plc. ; (P) 1989 + 1997 (Bonus Tracks) Red Lightnin' Ltd
1998 [U.S] CD M.I.L. Multimedia MIL 6107
(C) & (P) 1998 M.I.L. Multimedia, LLC
1998 EU CD³ Brilliant BT 33011 (C) + (P) 1999 Digimode Entertainment Ltd.
1999 Czech CD³ Canon Records
MWT 4341.1012-2 (P) 1999 Selected Sound Carrier (C) JM Sontel AG
2000 # Germany CD³ Laserlight 21 448 2000 Delta Music GmbH
2012 EU CD³ Angel Air SJPCD 400 (P) Angel Air Records 2012 (C) Red Lighnin 1989

# here Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds are indicated on cover + CD as principal performers

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Dutch edition
label: Zillion • catalog no.: 2610394

with tracks: where are you tonight?, my old lady, rock steady woman

1992 cookin' with the blues : 3 CD set Dino Music DIN237D (P) 1992 Red Lightnin' Ltd. (C) 1992 Beehive Trading Ltd.
  cookin' with the blues [1-3] Beehive BEECD 5 (CD2)
(P) 1992 Red Lightnin' Ltd. (C) 1992 Beehive Trading Ltd.
  cookin' with the blues [1-3] Versailles VER 474943 2 (CD2)
(P) & (C) 1992 Beehive Trading Ltd.

¬the¬ pearl collection : rock music vol. 2   KBOX 402B (P) 1992 Biem/Stemra
  ¬the¬ rock box³   BXCL207 (P) 1992 Biem/Stemra
  rock favourites : 40 originale hits BML 78 739 0 (P) 1992 Biem/Stemra
  rock power PULSAR PULS 031 (P) 1992 Biem/Stemra
1993 28 rock ballads [2 CD]   BXCL 243 (P) 1993 Biem/Stemra
1994 confessin' the blues Blues Legends BLS-12142 (C) (P) 1994 Sound Solutions
  ¬l'¬ essentiel du blues [3 CD] Versailles    
  masters of the blues Excelsior EXL10142 (C) Beehive Trading Ltd.
  rock ballads   KBOX 212 (P) 1994 Biem/Stemra
  rock classics   CLAS009 (P) 1994 Biem/Stemra
1995 ¬the¬ best of blues Blues Legends   (P) + (C) 1994 St-Clair Music
  guitar heroes³   KBOX 350 (C) 1995 Biem/Stemra
  howlin' with the blues Musiquarium MSDCD011 (C) 1995
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  rock the night   KBOX 335 (P) 1995 Biem/Stemra
1996 guitar kings³   EXP039 (P) 1996 Biem/Stemra
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1997 blues legends      
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2001 guitar heroes³ wg / Forever Gold FG116 (P) 2001
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2002 ¬the¬ greatest 50 rockhits EuroTrend BOX 312.229  
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2004 ¬the¬ greatest 50 rock hits!³ EuroTrend BOX 312.377 (P) & (C) 2004 Eurotrend
  rock guitar : purple haze wg BB2101  
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2006 born to be wild : 30 rock heroes³ EuroTrend CD 246.486 (P) & (C) Eurotrend
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2011 ultimate collection : guitar legends³ EuroTrend CD 246.857 (P) & (C) Eurotrend
2016 guitar legends EuroTrend CD 313.118  


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