before this world (2)


Birth Name: James Vernon Taylor
Born: March 12, 1948
Genres: Blues, Country, Folk Rock, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock

basic information

release date 2015 June, 17
country of manufacture Japan
label Concord Records
catalog no. UCCO-1157
format CD
note of registration P2015 James Taylor ©2015 Sony Music Entertainment
recording by Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics (The Tracking Room), Nashville, TN, 1999 oberdubs at Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN
mixing by Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics (The Tracking Room)
mastering by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
production Mark Knopfler and Chuck Ainlay
credits Thank you: Jonathan Bays, Tracy Bufferd, Sandeep Das... and the etire team at Concord Music Group


James Taylor vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Knopfler electric guitar
Richard Bennett 5) tiple
Jim Cox 5) hammond B3 organ
Guy Fletcher 5) keyboards
Glenn Worf 5) bass
Chad Cromwell 5) drums


13 diamond Joe [3:05]



diamand Joe

Well there is a man you'll hear about most anywhere you go
His holdings are in Texas and his name is Diamond Joe
He carries all his money in his diamond-studded jaw
And he never was much bothered by the process of the law

Yes I hired out to Joe boys, I did offer him my hand
He give me a string of horses so old they could not stand
I swear I like to starve to death, he did mistreat me so
And I never did save a dollar in the pay of Diamond Joe
Swear I never did save a dollar

His bread it was corn dodger and his meat I could not chaw
And he drove me night distracted with that wagging of his jaw
The telling of his stories boys, I mean a let you know
That there never was a rounder who could lie like Diamond Joe

Well I tried three times to quit him boys, but he did argue so
That I'm still punching cattle in the pay of Diamond Joe
When I'm called of yonder and it comes my time to go
Give my blankets to my bunddies, oh give the fleas to Diamond Joe.
That's right
Give my blankets to my buddies, give the fleas to Diamond Joe


Taken from the booklet:

This version of my new album, Before This World, includes three bonus tracks whích otherwise might never have seen the light of day. ... "Diamond Joe," were recorded in Nashville with Mark Knopfler and Chuck Ainlay in '99. That was the same session that produced Mark's brilliant "Sailing To Philadelphia" on which he asked me to sing. But that was an afterthought, we had actually gone into the studio to work on some songs for an album of mine, October Road, but for some reason neither of those two songs was ever released. So here they are; rough and row but still three of my favorites I think they make a nice little set...

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cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. notes of registration
2015 USA CD + DVD
Concord Records CRE-35755-00 (P) + (C) 2015 James Taylor


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