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Members: Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley
Genres: Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul

basic information

release date 2011 July, 26  
country of manufacture n/a U.S.
label e one entertainment  
catalog no. EA 72515 EOM-CD 2137
format CD CD
note of registration P & ©2011 Entertainment One U.S., LP  
recording Basis tracks by Kyle Lehning at The Tracking Room, Nashville, TN; vocals and L.A. by Mark Linett and "Teenage" Dave Salley at Your Place Or Mine, Glendale, CA; Mark Knopfler by Guy Fletcher [in the early 2011] at British Grove Studios, London, England  
mixing Kyle Lehning at The Compound, Nashville, TN  
mastering Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY  
production Fred Mollin  
credits Dewey Bunnell & Gerry Beckley wish to thank: Fred Mollin for initiating and guiding the project, and Entertainment One for the opportunity. To the America Team: Willie Leacox, Michael Woods, Rich Campbell, Erin Edwards, Jeff Worrell & Ben Stone...Thanks for getting the show on the road...and for taking care of business. Thanks to all our friends at Morey Management, WME, WGS, and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.
Dewey: Love and thanks always to my wife Penny and the kids: Dylan & Drake, Lauren & Dan, and Destry...and the rest of my family. And to the songwriters, players and engineers who brought this project to life...Thank You All.
Gerry: All my love to Kathy, Joe & Matthews.
Fred Mollin
wishes to thank: Chuck Mitchell and Jim Morey for taking the ball and running with it. Life doesn't get any better than when you make great music with people you love. Gerry and Dewey make my life so much better. Thanks, boys, for a great one...More, please. My team of brilliant Nashville musicians and singers and the team of engineers and studios that make my job so effortless. A million thanks. My support in the biz: David Steinberg, Jordan Keller, Stephen Katz, John Tempereau. I dedicate this one one to my kids, Aaron and Lily, who keep me grounded no matter where they are. They are my touchstones, and I am reminded that I produced Gerry and Dewey 4 years before I even had kids...Yikes, will someone please slow down the clock?


Gerry Beckley acoustic guitar, [vocals], backing vocals
Dewey Bunnell acoustic guitar, [vocals], backing vocals
Mark Knopfler electric guitar
Larry Beaird? acoustic guitars, banjo
Stewart Duncan? fiddle and mandolin
Greg Morrow? drums and percussion



1) Which additional musicians play in this song is not clear from the accompanying material of the album.

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