Born: September 26, 1945
Genres: Rock (Art Rock, Glam Rock), Pop

Member of: Roxy Music

basic information

release date 2014 Nov, 19 [CD], 2014 Nov, 21 [LP]
country of manufacture n/a
label BMG / Love Da Records [CD], BMG [LP]
catalog no. LOVECD401 [CD], 538013701 [LP]
format CD, LP
note of registration P + ©2014 BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd.
recording Simon Willey at Studio One Olympia London, assistant engineer Mark Knight, additional engineering Tim Roe
mixing by Craig Silvey, assistant Eduardo Paz
mastering by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Portland Maine
production Rhett Davies, Bryan Ferry
credits At Studio One
Juliet Mann, Millie Thompsen, Gemma Corry Reid, ...
Peter Price, John Marx, Dave Wirtschafter
Peter Price, John Marx, Dave Wirtschafter
Thanks To
Ronnie Harris, Robert Lee, Edward Helmore, ...


Mark Knopfler guitars
Neil Hubbard guitars
Neil Jason bass
Andy Newmark
Tara Ferry
Cherisse Osei drums
Bryan Ferry keyboards, [vocals]

tracks [CD]

7 lost (2:47)




Believe me when I write
I can't tell you what is wrong
And what is right.
Lost in the middle of the storm

Life takes you by surprise
Like the colours I see dancing
In your eyes
Lost in the middle of the storm

Don't miss me when I fall
You know I want to be with you
Or not at all
Lost in the middle of the storm

So I am forsaken and forlorn
As I face up to the shadows
On the wall
Lost in the middle of the storm

Published by BMG Rights Management


Taken from the booklet:

Marr and Miller are key figures in a shifting cast that also includes the
unmistakable sound of Mark Knopfler (amid the drifting currents of "Lost"), the
drummers Tara Ferry, Andy Newmark and Cherisse Osei, and the bass-guitarists
Neil Jason, Flea and Guy Pratt, ...

Admin's comment:
old studio session, probably dating back to recording time of "Boys and Girls", end of 1984

– Modified track
lost (remix)

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# SDCI-81746 [Japan]          


additional album with Bryan F.: boys and girls

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