Amerikana EP

Thomas Dolby

basic information

release date 2010 June, 16
country of manufacture UK
label n/a
catalog no. n/a
format mp3 file
note of registration P and © Lost Toy People, Inc. 2009-2010
recording ... British Grove Studios ... [M.K. overdubt in the early 2009]
mixing by Bill Bottrell at Glenwood Place, Burbank CA
mastering n/a
production Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson
credits Thanks to Nahum Mantra and the Shunt Theatre Company, London.


Mark Knopfler lead guitar
Natalie MacMaster fiddle
Ethel String Quartet strings
Bruce Kaphan steel guitar
Thomas Dolby vocals, keyboards
Kevin Armstrong electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Liam Genocky drums
Jeffrey Wash fretless bass


3 17 hills [7:40]


Thomas Dolby: "Focuses on the day I spent with Mark Knopfler doing the guitar parts, and how to give direction to a demigod." (from Thomas Dolby Blog, November 24th, 2010).

Produced for the album A MAP OF THE FLOATING CITY.



15 all-weather tracks from 15 all-conquering acts at Latitude 2012 (insert CD 2 from : World Magazine 113 : July 2012) [2012]

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