On this table only 'session tracks' composed by Mark (including cover versions) are listed:

ID title
1 Annick
2 Brats
3 down day
4 get busy 
5 going home
6 I think I love you too much 
7 last ship
8 Lily of the west, the ***
9 Mademoiselle Will Decide 
10 metroland
11 Metroland Theme [Instrumental]
12 Newport mount rag
13 oldest surfer on the beach
14 other side of the moon **
15 overnight sensation 
16 sailing to Philadelphia
17 she‘s gone
18 songs for swans
19 Spanish Jack * 
20 til next time I'm in town
21 two brothers and a stranger 
22 you don't want to get you one of those
23 walk in Paris, a
24 water is wide *)
25 water of love 
26 when it comes to you 
27 whoop de doo 
28 why worry 

ID 5-6, 17, 21, 25-28 of these 28 session-songs are cover versions of songs from the albums “Dire Straits” and “Mark Knopfler” which were newly recorded in collaboration with Mark.

* Spanish Jack written by Willy DeVille and Mark Knopfler
** other side of the moon, the written Mark Knopfler, Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil
*** Lily of the west, the trad.; arr.: P. Moloney, M. Knopfler, P. Brady
**** on Raglan Road words by Patrick Kavanagh; music trad. arr.: Donal Lunny, Mark Knopfler
*) water is wide, the trad. arr.: Mark Knopfler

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