composer and songwriter

ID title source
1 .38 special bonus 'tracker'
2 5.15 a.m. album 'Shangri-La'
3 after the bean stalk album 'privateering'
4 aiming for the stars musical 'Local Hero'
5 all that I have in the world album 'shot at glory, a'
6 all that matters album 'Shangri-La'
7 all the roadrunning album 'all the roadunning'
8 all the things that we do musical 'Local Hero'
9 Altamira album 'Altamira'
10 American hero, an album 'wag the dog'
11 angel of mercy album 'communiqué'
12 Annick album 'Metroland'
13 are we in trouble now album 'golden heart'
14 as love as it gets album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
15 back in the day unreleased track for album 'down the road wherever'
16 back on the dance floor  album 'down the road wherever'
17 back to Tupelo album 'Shangri-La'
18 badges, posters, stickers and t-shirts single 'extendedanceplay'
19 baloney again album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
20 barrel of crude, a musical 'Local Hero'
21 Basil album 'tracker'
22 batting for England unreleased track for album 'golden heart'
23 beachcombing album 'all the roadunning'
24 before gas and tv album 'get lucky'
25 behind with the rent album 'kill to get crimson'
26 Beryl album 'tracker'
27 beyond my wildest dreams album 'all the roadunning'
28 big Mac musical 'Local Hero'
29 blood and water album 'privateering'
30 bluebird album 'privateering'
31 bonafide unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
32 boom, like that album 'Shangri-La'
33 boomtown (variation Louis' Favourite) album 'Local Hero'
34 border reiver album 'get lucky'
35 Brats album 'Metroland'
36 broken bones album 'tracker'
37 brothers in arms album 'brothers in arms'
38 bug, the album 'on every street'
39 by the grave album 'Altamira'
40 calling Elvis album 'on every street'
41 camerado single 'what it is'
42 cannibals album 'golden heart'
43 car was the one, the album 'get lucky'
44 Ceilidh and the northern lights, the album 'Local Hero'
45 Ceilidh: Louis favourite Billy's tune, the album 'Local Hero'
46 cheeky wee pint, a unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' ?
47 cheerio away you go musical 'Local Hero'
48 cleaning my gun album 'get lucky'
49 cliffs of insanity, the  album 'Princes Bride, the'
50 cold turkey unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
51 Comfort (Theme from Comfort and Joy) single 'Comfort and Joy'
52 comfort and joy cues unreleased track for album 'Comfort and Joy' ?
53 communiqué album 'communiqué'
54 corned beef city album 'privateering'
55 cosmic square dance *** album 'stay tuned'
56 coyote album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
57 cross my heart and hope to die unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia' ?
58 daddy's gone to Knoxville album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
59 darling pretty album 'golden heart'
60 devil baby album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
61 did you come unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
62 do America single 'silvertown blues'
63 done with Bonaparte album 'golden heart'
64 Donegan's gone album 'Shangri-La'
65 donkey town album 'all the roadunning'
66 don't crash the ambulance album 'Shangri-La'
67 don't forget your hat album 'privateering'
68 don't mean a thing unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
69 don't suck me in bonus 'down the road wherever'
70 don't you get it album 'golden heart'
71 down day album 'Metroland'
72 down to the waterline album 'Dire Straits'
73 dream of the drowned submariner album 'privateering'
74 drooling national album 'wag the dog'
75 drovers' road bonus 'down the road wherever'
76 early bird [non LP] bonus 'get lucky'
77 eastbound train [non LP] unreleased track for album 'Dire Straits'
78 el macho album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
79 every heart in the room bonus 'down the road wherever'
80 everybody pays album 'Shangri-La'
81 expresso love album 'making movies'
82 fade to black album 'on every street'
83 fare thee well Northumberland album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
84 farewell to Altamira album 'Altamira'
85 father and son album 'music from Cal'
86 fear and hatred album 'music from Cal'
87 filthy dirty rich musical 'Local Hero'
88 finale-last exit to Brooklyn album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
89 fire swamp and rodents of unusual size, the album 'Princes Bride, the'
90 fish and the bird, the album 'kill to get crimson'
91 fistful of ice cream, a single 'Comfort and Joy'
92 fizzy and the still, the album 'kill to get crimson'
93 floating away  album 'down the road wherever'
94 florin dance album 'Princes Bride, the'
95 follow me home album 'communiqué'
96 follow the ribbon bonus 'privateering'
97 four in a row album 'shot at glory, a'
98 freeway flyer album 'Local Hero'
99 French cricket unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
100 friend's song, the album 'Princes Bride, the'
101 game over musical 'Local Hero'
102 gator blood album 'privateering'
103 get a move on musical 'Local Hero'
104 get busy video 'Robbie the reindeer'
105 get lucky album 'get lucky'
106 glory of the cave album 'Altamira'
107 go, love album 'privateering'
108 going home: theme of the Local Hero album 'Local Hero'
109 golden heart album 'golden heart'
110 good as gold bonus 'get lucky'
111 good on you son  album 'down the road wherever'
112 got to have something album 'privateering'
113 gravy train single 'darling pretty'
114 guide my sword album 'Princes Bride, the'
115 hand in hand album 'making movies'
116 happy ending, a album 'Princes Bride, the'
117 hard cases album 'shot at glory, a'
118 hard shoulder album 'get lucky'
119 haul away album 'privateering'
120 heart full of holes album 'kill to get crimson'
121 heart of oak bonus 'tracker'
122 heavy fuel album 'on every street'
123 heavy up album 'down the road wherever'
124 he's the man album 'shot at glory, a'
125 hill farmer's blues album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
126 home boy bonus 'get lucky'
127 hot dog bonus 'tracker'
128 hot or what album 'privateering'
129 house on top of the hill, the unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia' ?
130 Houston we have a problem musical 'Local Hero'
131 how long album 'on every street'
132 I dug up a diamond album 'all the roadunning'
133 I hope you haven't changed on me musical 'Local Hero'
134 I never met a one like you album 'when I'm free'
135 I think I love you too much album 'hell to pay'
136 I used to could album 'privateering'
137 I will never love again album 'Princes Bride, the'
138 I wonder if I can go home again musical 'Local Hero'
139 if I had you single 'extendedanceplay'
140 if this is goodbye album 'all the roadunning'
141 I'll  see you then unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
142 I'm doing better now unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia' ?
143 I'm the fool album 'golden heart'
144 Imelda album 'golden heart'
145 in a secret place album 'music from Cal'
146 in an ideal world musical 'Local Hero'
147 in my car [non LP] unreleased track
148 in private in public - piece one VHS video from tv documentary
149 in private in public - piece two VHS video from tv documentary
150 in the gallery album 'Dire Straits'
151 in the heartland album 'wag the dog'
152 in the sky album 'kill to get crimson'
153 industrial disease album 'love over gold'
154 Irish boy album 'music from Cal'
155 Irish love album 'music from Cal'
156 iron hand album 'on every street'
157 it never rains album 'love over gold'
158 it's been a while [non LP]
159 it's over album 'shot at glory, a'
160 it's what I want unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia' ?
161 je suis désolé album 'golden heart'
162 Joy single 'Comfort and Joy'
163 junkie doll album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
164 just a boy away from home album 'down the road wherever'
165 just instinct album 'wag the dog'
166 kingdom come single 'heavy fuel'
167 kingdom of gold album 'privateering'
168 lady writer album 'communiqué'
169 last exit to Brooklyn album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
170 last laugh, the album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
171 last ship unreleased track from tv documentary
172 laughs and jokes and drinks and smokes album 'tracker'
173 les boys album 'making movies'
174 let it all go album 'kill to get crimson'
175 let's see you single 'what it is'
176 letting go unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
177 lights of Taormina album 'tracker'
178 Lily of the west, the [****] album 'long black veil, the'
179 limbo unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' ?
180 limo unreleased track for 'last exit to Brooklyn' ?
181 lions album 'Dire Straits'
182 lone star state musical 'Local Hero'
183 long cool girl album 'tracker'
184 long highway, the single 'what it is'
185 long road, the album 'music from Cal'
186 love and guilt album 'music from Cal'
187 love idea, a album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
188 love over gold album 'love over gold'
189 Madame Geneva’s album 'kill to get crimson'
190 Mademoiselle Will Decide album 'rhythm & blues'
191 making movies [non LP] unreleased track for album 'making movies'
192 man's too strong, the album 'brothers in arms'
193 Marbletown album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
194 Marcelino's despair album 'Altamira'
195 Maria album 'Altamira'
196 matchstick man  album 'down the road wherever'
197 me and my friends (move it away) [non LP] unreleased track
198 meeting under the trees album 'music from Cal'
199 Metroland  album 'Metroland'
200 Metroland theme album 'Metroland'
201 mighty man album 'tracker'
202 millionaire blues single 'calling Elvis'
203 miss you blues album 'privateering'
204 mist covered mountains, the album 'Local Hero'
205 money for nothing * album 'brothers in arms'
206 money for nothing / Beverly Hillbillies [***] album U.H.F. (OST)
207 Monteleone album 'get lucky'
208 morning ride album 'Princes Bride, the'
209 moving up unreleased track for album 'down the road wherever' ?
210 my bacon roll  album 'down the road wherever'
211 my claim to fame single 'darling pretty'
212 my heart has never changed bonus 'tracker'
213 my parties album 'on every street'
214 never felt better musical 'Local Hero'
215 new laird album 'shot at glory, a'
216 news album 'communiqué'
217 next time I'm in town, the album 'neck and neck'
218 night in summer long ago, a album 'golden heart'
219 no can do album 'golden heart'
220 no wonder he's confused  unreleased track for album 'golden heart'
221 nobody does that  album 'down the road wherever'
222 nobody’s child  album 'down the road wherever'
223 nobody's got the gun album 'golden heart'
224 numbers musical 'Local Hero'
225 occupation blues bonus 'privateering'
226 Oklahoma ponies bonus 'tracker'
227 old pigweed album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
228 oldest surfer on the beach album 'songs from St. Somewhere'
229 on every street album 'on every street'
230 on Raglan road [****] album 'sult : spirit of the music'
231 once upon a time in the west album 'communiqué'
232 once upon a time...storybook love album 'Princes Bride, the'
233 one more matinee album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
234 one old shoe unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' 
235 one song at a time  album 'down the road wherever'
236 one world album 'brothers in arms'
237 only rocks and water musical 'Local Hero'
238 onward  album 'Altamira'
239 other side of the moon, the **** video 'Robbie the reindeer'
240 our Shangri-La album 'Shangri-La'
241 overnight sensation album 'break every rule'
242 pale imitation bonus 'down the road wherever'
243 piper to the end album 'get lucky'
244 place where we used to live, a album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
245 planet of New Orleans album 'on every street'
246 playtime deluxe unreleased track
247 please baby [****] album 'Kershaw sessions, the'
248 Portobello Belle album 'communiqué'
249 postcards from Paraguay album 'Shangri-La'
250 potato picking album 'music from Cal'
251 prairie wedding album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
252 Princess Bride, the unreleased track for album 'Princess Bride, the' ?
253 private dancer album 'private dancer'
254 private investigation album 'love over gold'
255 privateering album 'privateering'
256 pulling down the ride bonus 'get lucky'
257 punish the monkey album 'kill to get crimson'
258 pyro man [non LP] unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
259 quality shoe album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
260 radio city serenade album 'privateering'
261 ragpicker's dream album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
262 railroad worksong album '... presumed having a good time'
263 real girl [non LP] unreleased track for album 'Dire Straits'
264 rear view mirror bonus 'down the road wherever'
265 reckoning, the album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
266 red staggerwing album 'all the roadunning'
267 redbud tree album 'privateering'
268 remembrance day album 'get lucky'
269 return to Metroland unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
270 revenge album 'Princes Bride, the'
271 ride across the river album 'brothers in arms'
272 right now album 'all the roadunning'
273 riot album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
274 river of grog bonus 'privateering'
275 river towns album 'tracker'
276 road, the album 'music from Cal'
277 rocks & the water, the album 'Local Hero'
278 rocks and the thunder, the album 'Local Hero'
279 rollin' on album 'all the roadunning'
280 Romeo and Juliet album 'making movies'
281 Rudiger album 'golden heart'
282 sailing to Philadelphia album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
283 sands of Nevada, the album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
284 say too much album 'shot at glory, a'
285 Scaffolder’s wife, the album 'kill to get crimson'
286 Seattle album 'privateering'
287 secondary waltz album 'kill to get crimson'
288 secret place, a / where will you go album 'music from Cal'
289 sentimal education, a unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
290 serious shit unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
291 setting me up album 'Dire Straits'
292 she loves him still [**] album '24 karat gold :  songs from the vault'
293 she's gone album 'Metroland'
294 shot at glory, a unreleased track for album 'shot at glory, a ' ?
295 silver eagle album 'tracker'
296 Silvertown blues album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
297 single handed sailor album 'communiqué'
298 six blade knife album 'Dire Straits'
299 skateaway album 'making movies'
300 sky and water bonus 'down the road wherever'
301 skydiver album 'tracker'
302 slow learner  album 'down the road wherever'
303 small potatoes single 'why aye man'
304 smooching album 'Local Hero'
305 so far away album 'brothers in arms'
306 so far from the clyde  album 'get lucky'
307 so why didn't you stay in Paris? unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
308 solid rock album 'making movies'
309 song about love, a unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' ?
310 song for Sonny Liston album 'Shangri-La'
311 songs for swans unreleased track from tv documentary
312 sons of Scotland album 'shot at glory, a'
313 sons of Scotland-Quiet theme album 'shot at glory, a'
314 southbound again album 'Dire Straits'
315 spanish Jack album 'miracle'
316 speedway at Nazareth, the album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
317 stand up guy album 'Shangri-La'
318 stargazer album 'Local Hero'
319 state of mind, a unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
320 stretching out album 'wag the dog'
321 sucker for punishment unreleased track
322 sucker row album 'Shangri-La'
323 suicide towers [non LP] unreleased track for album 'making movies'
324 sultans of swing album 'Dire Straits'
325 summer of love single 'boom like that'
326 summer's coming my way [non LP] first demo recording
327 sword fight, the album 'Princes Bride, the'
328 tall order baby single 'cannibals'
329 telegraph road album 'love over gold'
330 terminal of tribute to bonus 'tracker'
331 that'd do me musical 'Local Hero'
332 there'll be some changes made [*] album 'neck and neck'
333 think fast album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
334 this is science album 'Altamira'
335 this is us album 'all the roadunning'
336 ticket to heaven album 'on every street'
337 time in the sun [non LP] bonus 'get lucky'
338 time will end all sorrow bonus 'tracker'
339 today is okay album 'privateering'
340 Toni's jealous of me unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
341 training album 'shot at glory, a'
342 tralala album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
343 trapper man  album 'down the road wherever'
344 trawlerman's song, the album 'Shangri-La'
345 true love will never fade  album 'kill to get crimson'
346 tunnel of love album 'making movies'
347 twisting by the pool single 'extendedanceplay'
348 two brothers and a stranger album 'color of money'
349 two skinny kids [non LP]
350 two young lovers single 'extendedanceplay'
351 Vic and Ray album 'golden heart'
352 victims album 'last exit to Brooklyn'
353 vous avez du feu unreleased track for album 'Metroland' ?
354 wag the dog album 'wag the dog'
355 wag the dog unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' ?
356 wag the dog cues unreleased track for album 'wag the dog' ?
357 waiting for her album 'music from Cal'
358 walk in Paris, a album 'Metroland'
359 walk of life album 'brothers in arms'
360 wanderlust album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
361 water is wide unreleased track from tv documentary
362 water of love album 'Dire Straits'
363 way it always starts, the album 'Local Hero'
364 we can get wild album 'kill to get crimson'
365 we're going to make a killing musical 'Local Hero'
366 we're going to war album 'wag the dog'
367 what a life musical 'Local Hero'
368 what have I got to do single 'cannibals'
369 what it is album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
370 what's the matter with you baby ** unreleased track
371 when it comes to you album 'on every street'
372 when you leave  album 'down the road wherever'
373 where do you think you're going? album 'communiqué'
374 wherever I go album 'tracker'
375 whistle theme album 'Local Hero'
376 whoop de doo album 'Shangri-La'
377 who's your baby now album 'sailing to Philadelphia'
378 why aye man album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
379 why worry album 'brothers in arms'
380 wild theme album 'Local Hero'
381 wild west end album 'Dire Straits'
382 working on it album 'wag the dog'
383 yon two crows album 'privateering'
384 you and your friend album 'on every street'
385 you can't beat the house album 'get lucky'
386 you don't know you're born album 'ragpicker's dream, the'
387 you don't want to get you one of those album 'accomplice one'
388 your latest trick album 'brothers in arms'
389 your own sweet way album '... presumed having a good time'
390 your perfect song [non LP] bonus 'privateering'
391 you're not even gone unreleased track for album 'sailing to Philadelphia'

* Mark Knopfler, Sting
** Mark Knopfler, David Knopfler
*** Chet Atkins, Paul Yandell, Mark Knopfler
**** Mark Knopfler, Andy Riley, Kevin Cecil
[*] parody lyrics by Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler and Margaret Archer
[**] composer: Mark Knopfler
[****] arr. Mark Knopfler

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