Vicar St. sessions vol. 1, the


Born: May 19, 1947
Genres: Folk, Pop, Traditional Irish

Member of: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady, Planxty, The Johnstons, Tommy Peoples and Paul Brady

basic information

release date 2015 Apr, 24
country of manufacture EU
label PeeBee Music, Proper Records
catalog no. PRPCD 128 [CD]
format CD, LP
note of registration P & ©2015 Abirgreen Ltd.
recording by John Munnis and Sylda Langford
mixing by Philip Begley
mastering by Aidan Foley at
production by Paul Brady
credits Paul would like to thank his band, crew, production staff and the Vicar Street crew for their invaluable support over the month of October 2001. Finally, special thanks to Paul Charles at Asgard without whom Vicar Street would not have happened and to Ozzie Kilkenny who makes the hard things look easy.


Paul Brady 5) vocals, acoustic guitar
Jennifer Maidman bass, vocals
Steve Fletcher keyboards, vocals
Liam Genockey drums
Mark Knopfler vocals, electric guitar

tracks [CD]

2 baloney again [6:05]


Live from Concert Vicar Street, Dublin 26th October 2001

Mark played on : 6. nothing but the same old story, 7. baloney again , 8. done with Bonaparte (feat. Liam O'Flynn, Donal Lunny, Cirian Tourish), 9. the game of love, 10. you're the one, 11. trick or treat (feat. Bonnie Raitt), 12. dimming of the day (feat. Bonnie Raitt), 13. oh what a world (feat. Bonnie Raitt), 14. crazy dreams, 15. the world is what you make it, 16. the lakes of Pontchartrain, 17. the homes of donegal

taken from the booklet:

an excerpt from the liner notes:

Somtimes you ...


Those who know me well also know that I am, in some ways, a glass half full type. I wonder first about all of the reasons why somebody might say no to a request no matter how close I am to them. So, asking fellow artists to perform with me was not the easiest of tasks. I was overwhelmed by the reponse and enthusiasm that I go from everybody. At that stage they seemed more enthused by the whole idea than me. Bonnie Raitt, who had recorded several of my songs in the 90s was the first to weigh in and said she'd come in from California. Mark Knopfler, whom I'd known and worked with since the early 80s was next. Van Morrison, I'd worked with only a couple of times but he didn't hesiate to say yes. Sinéad O'Connor too, ...



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¬the¬ Vicar St. sessions vol. 1

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