sunday for Sammy 2010


basic information

release date 2010 Apr, 27
country of manufacture [UK]
label MWM
catalog no. MWMDVD100
format DVD Video³
note of registration ©2010 MWM
recording n/a
mastering n/a
production Ray Laidlaw
credits n/a


Mark Knopfler guitar
Billy Mitchell guitar
Ray Laidlaw drums
Tom Mitchell guitar
John Hedley guitar
Frankie Gibbon guitar
Brendan Healey † keyboards
Charlie Harcourt guitar
Paul Gowland sax


  walk of life
  money for nothing
  sultans of swing
  going home [3:34]
  run for home


³ database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

Extract from the songs: walk of life, money for nothing, sultans of swing. Live at the City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England on Februar 7th 2010.

  • sampler

with track: going home


big river big somgs : the tyne [?]


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