one night only...


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Birth Name: Thomas Jones Woodward
Born: June 7, 1940
Genres: Pop, Blue Eyed Soul

basic information

release date 2000 Nov, 6 [2]
country of manufacture EU [2]
label Astrion [1], VVL / Universal [2]
catalog no. AST 1042 [1], VHSM 9022273 [2]
format Video VHS
note of registration ©1996 Carlton UK Television
recording n/a [1996 Dec, 24]
mastering n/a
production Jill Sinclair
credits n/a


Tom Jones [vocals]
Mark Knopfler [guitar]


12 feel like going home [6:16]


recorded in 1996 for Carlton T.V. Show

last update of this webpage: 30.03.2014

source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

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