music for Montserrat


basic information

release date unknown
country of manufacture EC [CDs]
label Eagle Rock
catalog no. GEG 203 [Video VHS] + ERECD001 [CD]
format Video VHS, CD [Set]
note of registration P1997 The Montserrat Foundation ©1997 The Montserrat Foundation
recording Royal Albert Hall, London
mastering n/a
production n/a
credits With special thanks to the performers (in alphabetical order): Arrow, Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Ray Cooper, Guy Fletcher, The Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra, John Gidling, Robert Greenidge, Dave Hartley, The Band of The Irish Guards, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Chris Laurence, Martyn Lewis, Lindoff, Lindsay, Ralph Macdonald, George Martin ... Paul McCartney, Robbie McIntosh ... Phil Palmer ... Sting, Ian Thomas, Midge Ure, Chris "Wix Wickens.
Thanks to the band‘s mamagement: Ed Bicknell - Damage Management ...


Mark Knopfler vocals [Video 3,4; CD 2]; electric guitar [Video 3,4,9,10,12-14; CD 2,3]
Guy Fletcher 5) organ [Video 3,4; CD 2]; keyboard [Video 4,12-14; CD 3]; backing vocals [Video 4]
Phil Collins drums [Video 4,10,12-14; CD 2,3]
Ray Cooper percussions [Video 3,4,10,12-14; CD 2,3]
Arrow † backing volcals [Video 13; CD 3]
Sting vocals [Video 4,13], bass [Video 14]
Eric Clapton electric guitar [Video 4,10,12-14]; acoustic guitar [Video 9]; vocals [Video 9,10]
Ian Thomas 5) drums [Video 3,4,12-14; CD 2,3]
Elton John piano [Video 13,14; CD 3]; vocals [Video 13]
Jools Holland piano [Video 10, 14]
Paul McCartney piano [Video 12-13; CD3]; electric guitar [Video 12]; vocals [Video12-14]
Phil Palmer 5) electric guitar [Video 3,4,10,12-14; CD 2,3]
Carl Perkins † electric guitar [Video 12,14]
Jimmy Buffett backing vocals, [Video 13; CD 3]
Midge Ure ? [Video 13-14; CD 3]
Robby McIntosh electric guitar [Video 12-14; CD 3]
Paul "Wix" Wickens accordion [Video 3; CD 2]; organ [Video 12-14; CD 2,3]; backing vocals [Video 12-14; CD 3]
John Gidling bass [Video 10,13; CD 3]

tracks [Video]

3 brothers in arms [10:15] 7)
4 money for nothing [5:51] 7)
9 Layla [4:44]
10 same old blues [8:27]
12 golden slumbers [8:14]
13 hey Jude [6:29]
14 Kansas City [5:30]

tracks [CDs]

2 brothers in arms [7:41] 7)
3 hey Jude [5:11]


Royal Albert Hall, September 15th 1997

Montserrat concert
Montserrat concert Mark, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins


  • label: eagle vision • catalog no.: VALG-1069

also available on DVD Video

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. note of registration
2003 [Germany] DVD Video Eagle Vision EREDV307 n/a

additional release of this video

live at Knebworth 1990 : music for Montserrat        


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