Chet Atkins Certified Guitar Player

CHET ATKINS Certified Guitar Player

basic information

release date 2010 June, 22
country of manufacture USA
label Digital Row
catalog no. CA 1001 CD
format CD
note of registration ©2010 Hackney and Kewley television, Inc. P2010 Digital Row LLC.
recording n/a
mastering n/a
production Susann Hackney and Fred Kewley
credits n/a


Chet Atkins † 21) acoustic guitar [1-5, 8-11, 13,15], mandolin [6]
Larry Londin † drums
David Hungate bass
David Pack vocals [15], guitar
Clayton Ivey keyboards
Michael McDonald vocals [8,15], keyboards
Darryl Dybka keyboards
Terry McMillan harmonica, percussions
Paul Yandell † vocals [15], guitar
Mark Knopfler vocals [3], acoustic guitar [12,13], electric guitar [1-6, 8-11, 15]
Don Everly vocals [4,5,15], acoustic guitar [4,5,15]
Phil Everly † 28) vocals [4,5,15], acoustic guitar [4,5,15]
Emmylou Harris vocals [6,8,15], acoustic guitar [6]
Waylon Jennings † 22) vocals [9, 10,15], acoustic guitar [9,10]
Willie Nelson vocals [10,11,15], acoustic guitar [11,15]


1 introduction "deep thumb blues" (3:44)
2 I'll see you in my dreams (2:22)
3 walk of life (3:46) 7)
4 [interview & medley:]
all I have to do is dream (0:42)
bye bye love (1:23)
wake up little Suzie (1:29)
5 why worry (6:31) 7)
6 precious memories (5:20)
8 I keep forgettin' (4:46)
9 rose in paradise (3:53)
10 good hearted woman, a (3:38)
11 island in the sea (2:49)
12 sunrise (3:45)
13 imagine (2:53)
15 Corinne, Corinna (4:12)


³ source Golden Guide [A]

Neely Auditorium, Nashville, USA, 1987 May, 15.

also available on VHS and DVD Video (with another Video titles and same track listing)
Chet Atkins & Friends, Chet Atkins and Friends; live, Chet Atkins & Friends; collection (without track 'Corinne, Corinna'); music from the heart and Chet Atkins Certified Guitar Player

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. note of registration
1987 ? VHS Video³ *) Excalibur E1303 ©1987 Hackney and Kewley television, Inc.
1991 USA VHS Video **) [Atlantis] [WMV 50196] ©1987 Hackney and Kewley television, Inc.
2006 EU DVD Video fnm
20013 ©1987 Hackney and Kewley television, Inc.
2010 USA DVD Video Digital Row CA 1002 DVD ©2010 Hackney and Kewley television, Inc.
2013 n/a DVD Video³ Laser Media LM048 n/a

*) also 2004 on DVD Video: label Magnum Music, # MDV 021³
**) also 1990 on 12" LD Video: label Image Entertainment Inc., #ID7833HB

Author's remarks
there are wrong statements on the video covers about following titles/songs:

6. Emmylou Harris featuring (vocals and acoustic guitar) 'precious moments', the correct title is 'precious memories'
9. Waylon Jennings featuring (vocals and acoustic guitar) 'fire in his eyes', the correct title is 'rose in paradise'
11. Willie Nelson featuring (vocals and acoustic guitar) 'I am a cowboy', the correct title is 'island in the sea'


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