The idea of publishing the collection in print media was born at the beginning of 1994 by Achim Breß and Thomas Gygax. Achim had published a Single 8) and Thomas a Bootleg 9) arrangement. Both asked me to publish the third print media under the name “On every session” because they knew that I collected "Sessions". Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to carry out this project due to lack of time.

Now, 13 years after we originally had this idea, I have found time to realise our plans. The collection has of course increased by various sound carriers. Meanwhile the Internet has asserted itself as a quick way to convey information. And therefore I have decided not to publish this collection as print media but as a website.

The present documentation is based predominantly on data from my database which have been edited for this discography. The evaluated data are mostly uncommented.

There are alphabetical lists of the sound carriers according to artist and title, as well as links to the single musicians who have performed in "Dire Straits” and “Mark Knopfler” albums with Mark Knopfler.

For contributions and preparatory work I would like to thank the following people:
Cornelia Berger †, Achim Breß, Anja Breuer, Wilhelm Breuer, Chris Dryer, Thomas Gygax, Peter Kentrat, Dr. Wolfgang Koch, Steffen Reiff, Roland Schmitt (PAI / SR), K.D. Tilch (PMA), Bert Wijdts.

I would like to express special thanks to:
Wolf-Dieter Mattick. Thanks to his collective passion and thorough knowledge of the musical work of Mark Knopfler, he has contributed important information to my collection and has motivated me to complete this work.

Germany, May 2007


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