Model: "Daniel Düsentrieb"
This is the very first theremin I made. In 1999 I decided to make my own instruments. It took me more than tree month to get this machine working suffiently. Up to that point I was playing a Big Briar.

Model: Twiggy
The circuit is based on the "142"-theremin form the 60s, but quite a lot of changes were done to get a comfortable pitch control with this small telescope antenna. Left and right the pots for the volume- and pitch-antenna adjustment; in the middle the volume control.

Model: t-base
This is a theremin based on Art Harrisons "144"-circuit. The case is recycled from an old light effect device and the antenna plates are hard discs from a vintage computer.

Have a look to the prototype of a vacuum tube based theremin. It's got a nice sound but the volume circuit and some other details have to be improved.

Power supply for the "Fuleihan" vacuum tube theremin

This is a theremin especially designed for country thereminists.
The "Morricone" has got a build in 5W amplifier and speaker.

Model: Dakar
It was really fun to make this theremin for a trip to Afrika in 2004. You can run it by batteries or by the power supply. For transport the antennas could be pulled out and stored inside.

more theremins coming soon

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