Rolf Sudmann, born in 1961 in Bielefeld, Germany studied chemestry, physics, mathematics at Bielefeld University, music (piano and tuba) at Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover, pedagogics and psychology at Bielefeld University. He worked as composer, pianist and performance artist in several national and international projects, movies and radio plays. In 1996 he started playing the theremin and other vintage electronic instruments.
He worked together with Michael Griener, Rudi Mahall,Axel Dörner Benny Bailey, Gerd Lisken, Jochen Bohnes, Pierre Dorge, Joe Sachse, Marty Cook, Laura Andel - Oli Bott Jazzorchestra, Die Kometen, Roland HH Biswurm (Das Seelenmargarine-Taxi), Work in Progress (synthesizer in Stockhausens Ylem), Antje Vowinckel, theremin-soloist in the premiere of Steffen Schleiermachers Concerto for Theremin and Symphony Orchestra, Jacques Remus (gesture controlled music at Exit-Festival, Paris/Maubeuge), German-Chinese projects with Xu Fengxia, Zhang Zhenfang, Li Jingxia, Wu Wei, Yu Jun, etc...