d' Waidler Musi
traditional folk music from the Bavarian Forest

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              Griaß Gott beinand

....„d'Waidler Musi" is a very well known folk music group from the area of the Bavarian Forest (Germany) which representing Bavarian tradition and culture.

A range of performing by radio and TV movies, in Berlin and Munich for the government, in Regensburg for princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis and last but not least several guest performance and tour across Austria, France and USA.

An Award from the country of Passau was received at a traditional
Bavarian folk competition called “Zwieseler Fink 2006” .

Already more than 50.000 guests have visited our events and concerts.


Line up:

Dancemusic: Diatonic Harmonica, Guitar, Dulcimer, Tube, Harp
Livingroommusic: Zither, Diatonic Harmonica, Guitar and Dulcimer

d' Waidler Musi - bodenständige Volksmusik aus dem Bayerischen Wald